The Denodo Academic Program

Data is the fuel of the 21st century. Data is created every day, and it comes in a wide variety of formats from a huge number of data sources. Companies of the future will work on improving the efficiency with which data can be accessed while keeping proper data governance and security in mind. Data helps bring ideas to life, pushes businesses to new heights, and provides insight into a continuously evolving world.

GOAL: Students preparing for careers in today’s or tomorrow's world need to know the tools for the proper management, governance, and integration of data.

HOW: The Denodo Academic Program provides students and educators with resources that take advantage of data and analytics. This program extends to qualified university educators and students who are interested in using free Denodo software and resources to become prepared data professionals.

MISSION: The mission of this program is to enable students worldwide to be the future leaders in data and analytics. This is Denodo’s contribution back to the education institutions in which Denodo was originally conceived at the beginning of this century.



Be ready for the data workplace with free software and resources from Denodo:

  • Get exposure to, and try out, real-world examples.
  • Train yourself in the tools you will need.
  • Add Denodo badges to your resume to better attract future employers.

Educators and Institutions

Add more value to your classes by providing your students with real-world experience in data integration and management tools:

  • Organize workshops to provide your students with practical experience.
  • Enrich your classes with data-related content and state-of-the-art data tools.


This program is for students who have an interest in data and analytics, specifically data integration and data management.

As a student, you can:

  • Register in the academic program. This will automatically create a set of credentials for accessing the Denodo Community, including the Q&A forum.
  • Learn about data integration and data management using any of the Denodo Test Drives that are available for the main cloud platforms.
    • Agile BI and Analytics (available on AWS and Azure): This test drive walks you through connecting to and combining data from different analytical data sources, to present the data as a single integrated data set, apply optimizations to make analytical queries much faster than they would be using alternative data integration tools, and use external tools such as Power BI or Apache Zeppelin for accessing the data.
    • Data as a Service (available on GCP): This test drive will guide you through the connect, and combine data from different analytical data sources to create Data Services that can be accessed from third-party applications.
    • Data Catalog and Data Science (available on AWS): This test drive will walk you through the connect, combine, and consume steps for accessing the data that you need for your machine learning (ML) models, using an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.
  • Access the Denodo Community and download your one copy of the software Denodo Express to integrate your own data sets and gain experience using the Denodo Platform.
  • Reach out to your university educators, as workshops can be set up as part of your university program or events.
  • Obtain free on-demand training and a badge for each completed training:
    • Introduction to Data Virtualization: This course provides concepts, terminology, and the main benefits of data virtualization.
    • Denodo Essentials: This course provides concepts and features of Denodo Platform 8.0 at a high level (no hands-on experience).
    • Connecting and Combining Data with Denodo: This course provides data developers with the Denodo Platform 8.0 concepts, terminology, and skills needed to develop a data virtualization project.
    • Self-Service and Visualizing Data: This course provides data consumers with data virtualization concepts and the skills needed to gain self-service access to data and connect other applications, for example BI tools, to Denodo Platform 8.0.
  • Apply for an internship in one of Denodo’s offices by reaching out to Add the subject “Interested in an internship (Academic Program)”.


This program is for institutions and university educators who have an interest in data and analytics.

As an educator or member of an institution, you can:

  • Register in the academic program. This will automatically create a set of credentials for accessing the Denodo Community, including the Q&A forum.
  • Work with Denodo to offer Denodo Platform workshops that suit your classes:
    • Data Virtualization in the Cloud: In this workshop, attendees will gain first-hand experience with the end-to-end flow: connect, extract, transform, structure, and publish specific targeted data using the Denodo Platform, as well as how to best visualize the data using a business intelligence tool.
    • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning with Data Virtualization: The current data landscape is fragmented. In this workshop, attendees will gain hands-on experience on how data lakes, IoT architectures, noSQL sources, SaaS applications, etc., can coexist with relational databases to fuel the needs of modern analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Collaborate with Denodo to organize practice or theoretical materials about data integration and data management for data-related subjects.
  • Access the available education materials, such as Denodo Test Drives, Denodo Express, and Denodo On-demand Training.