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Base view issue with MongoDB custom datsource
answered 27-06-2022 11:58:39 -0400

HI Team, I'm using Denodo 7.0. Created a MongoDB connection with custom datasource. Had a requirement to create a base view by selecting few fields from MongoDB collection. suppose collection 'abc' having 10 fields in it and we need to create base vi...

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Returning data with a max date (minus 1) for weekdays only
asked 27-06-2022 09:56:31 -0400

Hi, How do i amend the following code to execute daily but exclude weekends as the load_date will never have a weekend date. table.load_date = (SELECT addday(max(load_date), -1) AS addday FROM table) This code executes fine, but each Monday it will...

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How to present output of DESC command in table format
answered 24-06-2022 15:58:55 -0400

I am trying to put together a table that lists details on all of our datasources in Denodo. For example: Data Source Name Database Name Connection URI data_source_1 Postgres conneciton.postgres.com ...

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Read only access in Scheduler
answered 24-06-2022 09:55:42 -0400

Hi In Scheduler is it possible to only provide view permission without execute access to users on particular project. The "Read access" current allows user to execute every job in the project Thanks

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privileges Denodo Scheduler 8.0

Split function in Denodo does not work! (second way) Regex for complex string in Denodo
answered 24-06-2022 09:23:14 -0400

I am basically trying to split the following string in Denodo and trying to create new columns in the database for each value. my_string = ABLMNC_154342_O_UW_UA-UCOU_SMC The problem i am facing is when i split the string, Denodo creates an arra...

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Regex Split

scheduler job dependency set without adding cron expression in trigger section.
answered 23-06-2022 11:40:45 -0400

we need to set the job dependecy without adding cron expression in scheduler as the job is going to start with dependency via scheduler api using other tools.

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cron Job scheduler triggers

How Caching Works with Denodo?
answered 23-06-2022 11:39:24 -0400

Hi, How Denodo Cache the data when fetching it from Data Source? What's the Space it consume while caching? What's the retention period of Cache, when it flushes the Cache? Can we define the data that needs to be fully cache, partial cache or no cach...

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Partial Caching Full Cache caching

Base View schema doesn't get updated automatically if the payload changes
answered 23-06-2022 10:09:14 -0400

Hello, With the JSON data source, if I have a base view created initially; which is created by Denodo based on the JSON response payload it receives at the time of view creation, the schema of the created view is decided at this point. Now in future,...

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data sources view

Table name at the runtime
asked 23-06-2022 08:19:32 -0400

Hi We have requirement to dynamically query a table , whose name is stored in another table.. E.g. View 1 has - Table,Date View01012022, 01/01/2022 View02012022,02/01/2022 View03012022,03/01/2022 First query View1 to get Table name .e.g View01012022...

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Import Roles from LDAP: Does it allow for nested groups?
answered 22-06-2022 08:44:02 -0400

Hi, I have imported a role from my LDAP server to use within Denodo. However, the LDAP group I imported has another group in it. Does Denodo allow for nested LDAP groups to be used within Denodo? Or do I have to also import the sub-group, too? Tha...

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