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Denodo to AWS
answered 12-06-2021 07:35:23 -0400

Hi All, I need to bring Dennodo base view data into a AWS S3 bucket. This can be done through a Glue job that connects to Denodo using the JDBC url and stores the data into the required S3 bucket. However the connection to Denodo from AWS is not gett...

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'[Unexpected error creating a connection: Pool not open]' - Scheduling VPDcache job
answered 11-06-2021 18:36:29 -0400

I am scehuling the VDPcache job, I can select the datasource, views to be cache from the denodo db. I have added two views by choosing load process for each one as 'Non-incremental' . While manually started the job it end up with error '[Unexpected err...

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Symbolic link visible as a file and not folder
answered 11-06-2021 08:24:59 -0400

I created the symbolic link and that is visible as a file and not a folder. Can you please explain if something is wrong here? Also i need to use double quotes around the remote network folder. " mklink /d c:\Tempsymboliclink "\server\Parameter" Secon...

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@symbolic link

Denodo Installation on Local (onpremise) system
asked 11-06-2021 05:26:26 -0400

Hi Denodo sme, i have username and password for Denodo and i am able to download Denodo and assuming this is license version 1) Denodo solution manager 2) Denodo VDP (windows) from Denodo website . 3) can anyone tell us what is Software requiremen...

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Denodo Installation

Data Catalog Promotion - VDP Server settings + Category/Tag view links
answered 11-06-2021 02:25:25 -0400

Using denodo Version 7 When I export the data catalog on our Dev Server and promote to Staging the Virtual DataPort Servers are also imported and there seems no way to stop this. Not a big issue on Staging, but when I do this migration to Prod I don't...

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Data Catalog Denodo Data Catalog. Version 7.0

Denodo showing repeated data from ADLS Delta Table
answered 10-06-2021 23:01:03 -0400

Hi, I am using DataBrick to create Tables in Azure ADLS Gen2. I am loading a table data multiple times in a day. so have multiple parquet files. From Denodo, when I access this table, The data is repeated for each load. While on DataBrick (Notepad) it...

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Azure Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Denodo not able to identify ADLS DataBase
answered 10-06-2021 22:57:50 -0400

Hi, I am using DataBrick to create Tables in Azure ADLS Gen2. I have one "DataBase" and a few "Tables" of Delta format. I am following the Denodo Doc to connect to dfs and able to connect my azure ADLS. Prob1: while creating "Create Base View" . I spe...

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Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Azure databricks

Custom Pagination for REST API
answered 10-06-2021 17:56:31 -0400

We trying to connect to a third party REST API with denodo, but all the various pagination options which denodo supports are not suiting for this API. so, we like to customize the response header(for to support pagination) by writing some custom wrappe...

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timestamp datatype in denodo
answered 10-06-2021 17:28:46 -0400

Hi team, As per my understanding timestamp datatype should return data upto milisec: TIMESTAMP Timestamp without a time zone (year, month, day, hour, minute, second and fraction of second with nanosecond precision) When i am creating a base view and t...

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Connecting to a remote Excel file using Denodo Express
answered 10-06-2021 17:05:37 -0400

Hi, I need some help trying to connect to a remote Excel file as a data source. I have two servers (A & B), server A has Denodo Express installed on it, how, do I go about connecting to a Excel file on Server B? Using the FTP or HTTP options does...

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Excel Denodo Express