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Extracting text from a field using delimiter

Hi I have a field which contains text. Id like to extract a certain part of that text field which being "Model: 123 Customer ABC" I would like to extract only the "123" part of this field Any help would appreciated Thanks D


Admin Tools

Which update in Denodo platform has resolved admin tool latency issue?


"Allow literal as parameter" setting and datatype mismatches

We are using a connection to HANA and running into the following error when aggregating some decimal data type fields using the coalesce function: select year_quarter, item_name, sum(quantity) quantity, sum(amount) amount from ( SELECT year_quarter, i...


unable to connect to jdbc driver

I'm unable to connect to Jdbc driver its showing error as shown below: "The JDBC driver was not found. The Denodo Platform does not include the JDBC driver for this adapter. Upload the jar files of this driver. To do this, open the wizard "File" > "...


Publish Failure with Denodo_jdbc connector

Hi Team, I am using tableau desktop/server 2022.1.6. I want to use the denodo_jdbc connector and i have configured the JDBC 8 drivers for denodo at server as well as at desktop. I am able to connect the data source with denodo JDBC driver but when i t...

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Denodo query

Hi All, I want to a query which return the salary of emp for lastmonthof day from the given below query. Ex: Select * from emp where p_emp_id=1 and p_doj='3/10/2023. Here p_doj is a parameter and emp is a derived view. I need data like this sal for ...


Systemd startup scripts for VDP services

Good job on the scripts!I have a suggestion and correction. Insted of su - , put a User in the unit file for the service so that dndadmin could run the same command in ExecStart without issues, as is, only root could: [Service] User=dndadmin Type=forki...

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Function row_number() not executable with temporary tables

Hi, When I use row_number() with a temporary table in VQL Shell, it gives me this error - Function row_number is not executable. If I run the query without the temporary table, it runs perfectly fine. Is there any way to use row_number() function with...


Can i use import statement to import only properties file

Hi, Can i use the import statement to import only the properties file ( like its done in solution manager before the promotions process? If yes, do we have a sample script for it. Thanks


JMC tool connection error

Hi team, Could you please help in below. I am using my LDAP credentails to login which is a member of linux wheel group on that server from my organizational laptop, I connect to client network through VPN. We have AWS hosted linux version of Denodo ...

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