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Solution Manager Deployments

Hello, I am trying to do a deployment in the Solution Manager Administration Tool and don't have SSO configured and keep getting the error, "Error checking if token authentication is configured.". Do I need to have SSO configured in order to do a Depl...


Failed setting up Kubernetes Persistent Volume with Denodo Yaml configuration

Dear Denodo Community, I found that the standard mount volumes described above are not persistent for us. When we add a jar library (e.g. JCO - Java Connector) to Denodo Design Studio, a restart is required, which terminates the Kubernetes Pods and res...

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OS Available

Can you advise if you have a version that will run on Apple Macbook Pro?


How to get statics of view (object) execution in a month

How to check a particular view got executed how many times by user in a month?


Export Metadata from Data Catalog as a table

Hello, I would like to export the view names, view descriptions, tags and categories from Data Catalog as a table. Is there any way to do it? I exported the data from Data Catalog and everything is in the form of JSON. We have several views in our dat...


view parameter - multiple input default values

version - Denodo version 8 enterprise plus I am trying to use "view parameters" in a logic and my requirement is to pass multiple default values (i.e. in clause in SQL). I am able to save the view with configuration on view parameter as cpt: text '''2...


Oracle Date to Denodo Translation

Could someone translate this from Oracle to Denodo I am struggling to do this and under a time crunch. So much appreciated. Date_item_field BETWEEN CASE WHEN to_char(sysdate, 'DD') = '01' THEN trunc(trunc(sysdate,'Month')-1, 'Month') WHEN to_char(sysd...

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Same table name in multiple databases

Denodo VDP 6.0 Latest update: 20170220 We have the same table in 2 different databases - Oracle, Hive. The reporting tool that we currently use allows the user to select the database that they want the report to run against. Depending on the option ch...


Returning a substring up to the first occurrence of a special character

I have a string value that contains data seperated by the symbol "/" muliple times. I need to return a new field with only the string values up to the first occurrence of "/" without including the symbol. sample_string = abc/defg/hi/jk expected_output...


Invalid Object error

I have created Denodo base on SQL stored procedure which is using SQL Global global temporary table (##), i am getting below error, when two users are trying to execute same denodo view Error: Invalid object name '##Org_Data' Do i need to setup some ...