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code for 8.0 doesn´t start a gui

Hi, I'm running denodo on a headless server running linux. I access it with ssh. The X11 protocol is enabled. I have an issue where starting the control center with the just returns "null". This is happening for both the Denodo Solut...


spring-boot-starter-2.6.6.jar is not supported denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver-8.0.jar version, is there any alternative suggestion

Denodo-8.0.jar we can use upto spring-boot-2.4.4 but not above version, could you please help me for alternative solution. We are getting below error if we use spring-boot-2.5.2 and above: Unsatisfied dependency expressed through method 'denodoDBJdbc...


Include Database name in the alter statement

Hi Team, Is it possible to include the database name in the alter statement? I am trying to automate the process to alter the view/column description using a parameter file which contains view name , column name, column description. I need to inlcude ...


Migrate spring boot app from 2.4.4 to 2.6.6 we are getting denodo bean creation issue!

We migrate our application spring boot-2.4.4 to 2.6.6 and below Denodo Bean creation issue facing.. please help me on this issue! <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemalocation="http://...


IO Error: Invalid number format for port number

Welcome everyone I'm trying to connect to JDBC, but I'm running into a problem (IO error: Invalid number format for port number) i need help, Thanks


TEXT to DATE conversion questions

I am using Denodo 8.0 and have two different date conversion questions. First scenario I have a “date” field that is defined as a TEXT type on the source file. The format is dd-MMM-yy. I want it to be a localdate type (yyyy-MM-dd) I am trying to conv...


LIMIT not working in a subquery .

I'm trying to execute the following query : SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM Connections LIMIT 1000) AS T LIMIT 1; But its giving the following error : Exception parsing query near 'LIMIT' . Can someone help ? OR suggest any alternative working way of ...


Garbage Collector

How do I identify logs for Garbage collector? Where is the Garbage collector located? When does it run? What log file has the information on the Start and Stop time?



we have snowflake db and we have table masked and unmaksed data based on the role. can we use denodo to display the data depending on the snowflake role's


Excel text field is defined as double in base view

I am using Denodo 8.0. I have an Excel spreadsheet data source which contains multiple worksheets. I have created the data source for each worksheet. All of the data columns are defined as General or Text on the Excel spreadsheet. But when I create the...