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Translating SAP Analysis for Office Excel Add-in to Denodo

Hello! Does anyone have experience translating reports from Analysis for Office (MS Excel add-in) to Denodo? It is a painstaking manual process to navigate the cube in the Denodo GUI, and it seems like there must be a better way to find the underlying...

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Denodo REST API for DB specific properties file

Hi, Can you plase provide the details on the API that can be used to import the properties file to the target environment in the promotions process. Thanks


Metadata proc - datasource for a base view

Is there a predefined stored proc where I can see the details of the datasource for a base view? I've been looking through


What about camelCase columns/views?

When trying to pull in camelCase columns / views Alteryx does not "see" the columns of the view.

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KeepAlive configuration settings

when working with the ODBC Denodo drivers, the connection is dropped if inactive more then 5 minutes and we must start a new session each time. Please provide KeepAlive seetings that would allow us to stay connected for up to 15 minutes of idle time.


Event based scheduling in Denodo

Need to execute Interface view/s using scheduler based on configuration table entry made by user(on demand request) User can set the status of the one or multiple reports in the configuration table as "OnDemand". We need to read this entry and execute...


Outgoing Connections from Denodo

Hello experts, We have been told that there are several million connections open from Denodo to an FTP datasource/baseview. Where can we view these connections in Denodo? The getsessions() seems to display just the incoming connections/queries. Please...


Create a Base View from list users command

How do you create a view from the "list users" command? I've tried several things but can't seem to find the right syntax


To assign a value to a variable in array in linux scripts.

For eg: my_dict= { username:raj, password:raj123 ....} Now, I want result as : when I echo username, raj should come, in the same way range or any other function to get all the variables and the values.