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Hello, Thank you for explain that, that's very usefull. Is it possible to use SqlAlchemy instead of those connectors ? If yes can you have a document wich explain that ? Yesterday i tried to do that but it's not work. Thx.

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Soure Refresh not working

Hello. The Source Refresh functionality seems to be malfunctioning. I am trying to do a source refresh by following these instructions:


remove all _0 from field names on new base view

we have config turned on where if a field is renamed because of space or special characters it appends underscore 0 to the end of the field name, we want to keep that feature on but I have a view of like 100 fields and half of them have it. Is there a...


Compiling Denodo 8 ODBC driver on macOS Big Sur

I was trying to get the Denodo8 ODBC driver to work an MasOS and I managed to get that working by following these steps in case anyone finds it useful. To connect to the Denodo Server from OSx we will have to use either unixODBC or iODBC and recompile...


Automate Source Refresh

Hi Denodo Team / Community, Is it possible to automate your source refresh on a scheduled manner? Thank you and more power.


How to complete course DEN80EDU08A03VID01?

Hi, I'm having trouble completing the course. How to complete course DEN80EDU08A03VID01. I have watched the entire video and the progress is at 0%.


Change schema name during deployment

Hi, We have few VDBs that we need to deploy using revision or thru VCS from dev to test and prod environments. Here the issue is we have "Test" schema in both dev and test but when we move it to prod it changes from "Test" to "Prod". Is there a way t...


SQL Start & End Dates of Previous Quarter

Hello - what is the syntax for start and end dates of the previous quarter? For example, if the current date is a day in December, the start date should be '2022-07-01', the end date should be '2022-09-30'. If the current date is a day in January, the ...


CAST function cannot be delegated

Hi, I am using Denodo to connect to Hana calcViews. In my view, I need to convert a date into a text, which I do by the CAST function. However, at runtime I get the error: The CAST function with the SQL type="'VARCHAR" cannot be delegated to the data...


Active/Passive HA

Can we put one of the servers in Passive node so that when one of the active nodes is down, Load Balancer automatically switch to the Passive node?

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