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DMR - Denodo Monitor Reports

We have VDP server connected to Solution Manager using Global License. When I create and configure DMR with the VDP details it is successfull but the reports are failing with below errors. Error!JSONP request failed Be sure: this url is accessible: ht...


Sybase Stored Proc Call with return results set

Hi, I am working on a task to call sybaseStored proc to extract result set. I am to configure the call with metadata, but during execution it is failing with exception "java.lang.NullPointerException". Not sure , If I miss-congifurted the call. Your...


JMX File missing file is missing . how to create it or will it matter if i copy it from other environment. or one of the article says set the password encryption property to true, where to set this property? please clarify?


Trying to create a base view from a HTTP POST using Denodo 8.0 20220126

I have created the data source succedssfully , but when I attempt to create the base view I get the following error. Unable to obtain the data structure: com.denodo.util.exceptions.InternalErrorException: No content to map due to end-of-input at [Sour...

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Optional parameters

Hi Denodo Team, Please let me know how to set up a Optional parameter for the base view query in Denodo. The parameter to be passed as optional and not mandatory. Please share an example. Thanks, Jyothi


Query is not properly pruned in Denodo view

Hi Team, I have created a join view in Denodo , this join view contains two base objects . Both the base objects has key defined. But the pruning is not working as expected. I am trying to select one column from one of the underlying base view, But sti...


This connection encountered an exception while executing a query. Denodo to SSAS

Hi We trying to connect via http URL to SSAS and followed the rules. SSAS is enabled for basic authentication and we using SQL local account This connection encountered an exception while executing a query. Denodo to SSAS and we get 401 error http u...

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Question about version 20220728

Hello, in the new version of denode 20220728, mention this fix: Denodo Monitor removed some of the commented out lines in its configuration file ( at startup. My question is: What is the benefit of this fix and wha...

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Temporarily remove server from load balancer

Hello, We have 4 EC2 instances (windows) where Denodo is running and they are on a load balancer. We want to test/work on one of servers and want to remove it temporarily from the load balancer. Any suggestions on how to achieve that? Thanks.


Include source view name as row in Union

I would like to Union many base views to concatenate the data, and include the name of the originating view as a row for each entry. How is this possible to achieve in Denodo? So for example: View 1 - called bvapplication1 contains column "name" View ...