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Denodo - Absorb LMS Connectivity

Authorization token generated via Absorb LMS Authenticate API remains valid for 4 hrs, how do we maintain this in Denodo as a source to connect to other Absorb API, passing this auth token to validate those APIs? Can you recommend the best way forward ...

code This site can’t be reached

The learning site is unable to browse it. Getting the below message. This site can’t be reached Can you please help me on this?


Getting interface view column names from reference table

Hi, is there a way query a table and list it's column names and then the original column names and the interface view it maps to via SQL / VQL? For example: CustomerReport (derived table name) custid - maps to CustomerID in Customers interface view ...


Script to convert column names to CamelCase

Hi, Is there any script for converting the column names to Camelcase? Thanks!


Pass data values from Power BI to Denodo Views

I have a Dashboard in Power Bi where user can display reports per Month depending the date they select, is it posible to pass this value from Power BI to Denodo Final View (This view should filter information based on the date provided by user in Power...


Ellipsis converting to a Special Character while downloading data from Denodo

We are using Denodo VDP 7.0. Our data has a … (Ellipsis) symbol in a row. The problem exists when the data is downloaded from Denodo or extracted from Denodo. Below is the problem. When we try to extract data from a Denodo view, the data gets chang...


Query for multiple views and record count

Hi team, I need the record count for multiple views. How can i do it in a single query?? Select count(1) From View1; Select count(1) From View2; Select count(1) From View3; Select count(1) From View4; Thanks!


How to manage Remote Tables in Denodo Test and Production environments

Beeing able to use Remote Tables is a very nice opportunity i many situations. When used with our Datawarehouse solution we whant to achieve a following situation - In the DenodoTest we use Production data when developing new solutions. When using Remo...


How to connect to Denodo from EBIS and MS Dynamics 365?

How do we connect to Denodo from EBIS and MS Dynamics 365? Also, is there a way to ingest data from Denodo to these 3rd party tools via doing somehting in Denodo?


Intermittent LoginFailure -1

Hoping you could assist with a LoginFailure -1 issue. our Tomcat service makes requests to Denodo: Application information: Tomcat REST service utilizing Spring MVC framework and Spring Boot Request format: A GET request is sent to Denodo REST se...