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Exporting data in csv format

hi, i'm using denodo 8.0, i have create view for my data and rest api for that view the default option for output is html, xml ir json i'm asking if there is way to to export my data in csv format? thnx!


VDP Service went down

The VDP service on the VDP server has failed. We learned from the log that the problem occurred because it was unable to connect to Solution Manager. It entered grace period, which will conclude in five days.However, prior to that, VDP services were un...


Solution Manager Deployments

Hello, I am trying to do a deployment in the Solution Manager Administration Tool and don't have SSO configured and keep getting the error, "Error checking if token authentication is configured.". Do I need to have SSO configured in order to do a Depl...


Failed setting up Kubernetes Persistent Volume with Denodo Yaml configuration

Dear Denodo Community, I found that the standard mount volumes described above are not persistent for us. When we add a jar library (e.g. JCO - Java Connector) to Denodo Design Studio, a restart is required, which terminates the Kubernetes Pods and res...

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OS Available

Can you advise if you have a version that will run on Apple Macbook Pro?


How to get statics of view (object) execution in a month

How to check a particular view got executed how many times by user in a month?


Export Metadata from Data Catalog as a table

Hello, I would like to export the view names, view descriptions, tags and categories from Data Catalog as a table. Is there any way to do it? I exported the data from Data Catalog and everything is in the form of JSON. We have several views in our dat...


view parameter - multiple input default values

version - Denodo version 8 enterprise plus I am trying to use "view parameters" in a logic and my requirement is to pass multiple default values (i.e. in clause in SQL). I am able to save the view with configuration on view parameter as cpt: text '''2...


Oracle Date to Denodo Translation

Could someone translate this from Oracle to Denodo I am struggling to do this and under a time crunch. So much appreciated. Date_item_field BETWEEN CASE WHEN to_char(sysdate, 'DD') = '01' THEN trunc(trunc(sysdate,'Month')-1, 'Month') WHEN to_char(sysd...

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Same table name in multiple databases

Denodo VDP 6.0 Latest update: 20170220 We have the same table in 2 different databases - Oracle, Hive. The reporting tool that we currently use allows the user to select the database that they want the report to run against. Depending on the option ch...