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With sentence with more than 1 subquery

hi, in with sentence i saw only one subquery, can i add more than one subqueries samples: this is the documentation : WITH department_salary (deptno, totalpay) AS (SELECT deptno, SUM(salary) FROM EMP GROUP BY deptno) SELECT deptno FROM department_sala...

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Missing parameter level info Error 106 - json datasource connection

Hi , We are working on Denodo 8 VDP. I have a requirement to extract information from an API. we successfully established connection and extracted few details through the API keys. The real challenge comes when we are trying to access one of the API's ...


How to connect Denodo using PHP. Any syntax or Examples which shows the Connectivity

Hi All, we would like to connect our denodo Database using PHP code. Can we have any Steps or Syntax examples which show on how to connect to Denodo using PHP. Regards Raghu


Issue while creating Denodo to ADLS connection

Hi, We are trying to connect ADLS from Denodo. For that we have created XML file with all the details and placed in VM. We have created Data Source with Partquet file wrapper. We have permission for one folder to extract the data , with that folder pat...


export deata catalog using

using below script but it is not working. is there any sample script used for linux host? sh -h -p 9443 -l admin -P pass@123 -f /platform/work/data-catalog/ -contentSearch -personalization -kerberos ...


best practice to document my database in design studio

I try to describe the organisation of my database I tell what I've try When try in vql shell and write in a vql comment, if I "save" , I download the vql. So it's not keep in the folder so not accessible to collaborators The field description of a ...


Revision Created to deploy scheduler job

Hi I am trying to deploy a scheduler job by creating revision on Solution Manager from pre prod to prod. I see that there is a option on cluster level to have the scheduler properties included , either by adding property manually or by importing the pr...


Design Studio connected to many excel files in sharepoint folder

Hi, I am searching for a way to connect multiple excel file in sharepoint folder, and I have already known how to connect one excel file, but if there are many excel files in one folder, how can I connect them all.


Best practice to handle Denodo parameters in PowerBI

Hi, Please advise on what the best practice is to use Power BI to query parameterized views on Denodo (I'm using ODBC). Where I select a parameterized view from the Power BI navigator / selector I get an ODBC error : No search methods ready to be run....


SQL server connectivity

what kind of sql server user required to fetach data from sql server.? read only is enough?