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Transform text to data

HI everyone, I have a task to transform a text field to a timestamp field. The content of the initial field looks like this: "2017007", so it's like "YYYY0MM". I was trying aroudn with totimestamptz, but I don't know how to deal with this 0 in the ...


Shared Views

Hello, I have couple of virtual database called "db-A" and "db-B". I have created some baseviews and derived views on "db-A". I am currently on "db-B". I would like to access those derived views which are available on "db-A" and would like to use i...


How to verify '%Trace' in the DENODOTEST file

I have been reading through the documentation of Trace directive in Denodo Testing Tool. I need to access the 'staticO' element in my trace file. When I am accessing the 'staticO' element in the .DENDOTEST file by using the following code 'PLAN ABC.PLA...


Columns in VDP Cache Monitor log entries don't match definition

Comparing columns in "VDP Cache Monitor" with actual events, two columns are missing. SqlViewName and Truncateddata Has the format changed for V8.X? Columns listed as elasped time, fail to provide the unit of measure. Seconds, milliseconds? From revi...

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Joining CTE using a LEFT JOIN in Postgres throw error

When using a left join to join a CTE in Postgres, we receive a column "does not exist" error. This error occurs when one or several of the columns in the CTE are not used in the joined query. When inspecting the Execution Trace and reviewing the Postgr...


Link to Tokenization and encryption is dead

Hi, the link Tokenization and encryption refers to a dead URL:

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How to test Access Protocols in DENODOTEST file.

In DENODOTEST, I need to test the JDBC access protocol that is present in the file. e.g. "jdbc:vdb://<localhost>:<portNumber>/<databaseName>". Is there any information about testing protocols in DENODO? The co...


Dfs custom wrapper

Denodo Version : 8 I am trying to fetch the file from minIO and data source connection is sucessfull. When I try to create baseview I'm getting this below error. I am using dfs custom wrapper and selected class name as "com.denodo.connect.dfs.wrapper...


Connection Pool Pool

HI! Requests are generated using a custom jar function. When filling in all connections in the DATASOURCE JDBC pool, the system freezes. Forced completion of tasks or after a long time, connections in the pool are released, but the system does not prov...


core-site.xml configuration on other environments

Hi Team, We are using DFS wrapper which requires that core-site.xml file which needs to be configured. How can I export this file to prod environment using Revision or do we have any other way. Thanks