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Restrict Memory

Hi Team, we are trying to restrcit memory in VDP , is there any paramaeter that can be set on to restrict memory. could you please help me with this


server configuration for denodo deployed in AWS-EKS

Hi Team, we are trying to change the memory configuration which is under server configuration in VDP tool and it is successful, but what is the procedure for changing the memory configuration of denodo deployed in AWS-EKS. we tried by adding these pro...


Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool

Hello Team, We have created non admin user in VDP and we gave permission of the monitor admin over to the user(assigned ristrictions) ,once this user login into Diagnostic and Monitoring tool(DMT), he/she could see all the processed queries from other...


JDBC driver not connecting to database

I have downloaded & installed denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver-8.0-update-20210209 in an Windows application to create a connection. I am able to successfully connect to the server but it does not appear to be connecting to the database. Full connection URL...


Tracing a view field to its original source and original field name

Hi, Is it possible to query a view and get the original field name of the field name in the view? For example, if I had a view of CustomerPurchases and the field was CustomerFirstName but the original source the view pulls from is called Customers360...


Denodo and SSRS json data source

I am trying to use SSRS to connect to Denodo as a data source. The ODBC connection takes far too long to establish the connection - longer than it takes Denodo to return to data and longer than SSRS takes to render the report by an order of magnitude. ...


Next update

We would like to know when the next VDP and Solution Manager updates will be available? This is so we can schedule our system updates. Thank you, Bill


Denodo - Absorb LMS Connectivity

Authorization token generated via Absorb LMS Authenticate API remains valid for 4 hrs, how do we maintain this in Denodo as a source to connect to other Absorb API, passing this auth token to validate those APIs? Can you recommend the best way forward ...

code This site can’t be reached

The learning site is unable to browse it. Getting the below message. This site can’t be reached Can you please help me on this?


Getting interface view column names from reference table

Hi, is there a way query a table and list it's column names and then the original column names and the interface view it maps to via SQL / VQL? For example: CustomerReport (derived table name) custid - maps to CustomerID in Customers interface view ...