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how to set up an active-active Denodo Cluster with 2 nodes behind the Nginx load balancer
answered 05-07-2022 13:25:06 -0400

how to set up an active-active Denodo Cluster with 2 nodes behind the Nginx load balancer for Denodo 8

Answers: 7

Load Balancer Nginx Denodo 8

Invoke Snowflake procedure
answered 05-07-2022 09:57:37 -0400

Unable to invoke snowflake procedure(mentioned below) from Denodo. Getting error as CALL not supported CALL uspLoadBatchKey('2022-06-06',8,'N','N','10','MonthlySta') Note: Not able to see this procedure from Denodo during base view creation. Could ...

Answers: 5

snow flake procedure

Kerberos vs third party identity provider
answered 01-07-2022 19:40:46 -0400

The documentation is rather vague on the scope of the different SSO authentication methods There is basically SSO using either Kerberos or a third party integrator using SAML/Oauth etc. Thats clear. Whats not clear however is what parts of the Denodo s...

Answers: 5

Kerberos Authentication SAML VDP Client

Pull Passwords and Logins From Excel File
answered 01-07-2022 19:35:41 -0400

How do I pull logins and passwords from an Excel file? So, my processes can automatically login to the needed cites using the login info from our excel spreadsheet. We already have our Excel file deployed as a data source in the Web Automation Schedule...

Answers: 1

Aggregate data via restful web service
answered 01-07-2022 16:40:03 -0400

I've seen this question asked a couple of times but last answered in 2017. Is there now a way to aggregate (e.g. sum) data via the restful web service? E.g. '...$groupby=category&$select=category,sumValue&$format=json'

Answers: 1

REST API API Denodo Rest API Aggregate

Can denodo Support to recursive queries ?
answered 01-07-2022 00:21:46 -0400

Hi Experts, We have below requiremnet : Transaction records are available in multiple source systems and recursive query is needed to create unified transaction record. Hence There are multiple scenarios besides this where recursive feature is needed...

Answers: 3

Setting up links, the link does not work without ?auth=login#/
answered 30-06-2022 18:05:28 -0400

Hello. In Denodo, it is possible to access each component directly through the vdp server, bypassing the solution manager. I use links where at the end is ?auth=login#/ eg :9090/denodo-design-studio/?auth=login#/ Is it possible to configure login witho...

Answers: 1

JDBC source refresh
answered 30-06-2022 16:25:38 -0400

Is there any way to do JDBC SOURCE refresh in base views for updating the database name and connection details. We are using Azure SQL database.

Answers: 1

Source refresh

refreshing remote tables
answered 29-06-2022 15:50:33 -0400

I have tried refreshing the remote table using scheduler>job>vdp In parameterized query, I used REFRESH <remote table base view> command. But it was not working.It is showing as complete but no rows were refreshed. Also, not able to save t...

Answers: 1

Remote Tables

Sourec refresh
answered 29-06-2022 15:03:16 -0400

We have created JDBC data source and base views and derived views on top it it. But there has come a need to update the server details and database name for which data source needs to be modified. after modifying the data source and trying to source re...

Answers: 1