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Duplicate server adresses and authentication data for same the Rest data sources

I have a server with a Rest API that has multiple endpoints that return JSON data (e.g. a jasperserver that has a rest call to get all report units and a rest call to get all report schedules). I now want to create one table for the report units and on...

DB2 TABLE column with data type packed decimal conversion issue

I am connecting to a DB2 database. one particular table contains a column with data type - PACKED DECIMAL. the base view displays junk characters for this column. is there a way to convert the data type of the column on the fly or in the VQL? OR i...

Issue while scaling with metadata in volume

Hi Team, As mentioned in the artical it is possible to mount volume in kubernetes for Denodo metadata and depending on the storage class we could persist across deployments. However there is a teething problem with volume mount. With the volume metada...

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Adding CONTEXT to JDBC Database URI

I am trying to add a timeout context to a JDBC connection. JDBC Parameters are referenced in the documentation (

Composite keys select query in denodo

How to write select query for composite keys in denodo like oracle Below is the example for oracle: SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE (key_part_1, key_part_2) IN ( ('B',1), ('C',2) ); Could you please let me know ASAP Thanks Satish K

Changing JDBC Connection Password with VQL

Hi, I need help constructing the correct VQL to change the password for a JDBC connection within VDP? I believe it is something like: ALTER DATASOURCE JDBC connectionname ENCRYPT_PASSWORD 'thisisthenewpassword';

Setting up a Gateway/ODBC Data Source on a virtual machine for Power BI

Hi, I recently created a Power BI report based on a Denodo datasource and published it to I want to set up a scheduled refresh on In order to do that, it looks like I need to use a gateway. To ensure that the refresh is cons...

Denodo integration with Trino

Hello, I know Denodo can be integrated with Presto. Is it planned to be also planned with Trino, the new fork of Presto? If yes, at which horizon? If not, why? Best regards, Tristan Labetoulle

Nested Case Function

Denodo 7.0 Please how can I use AND for conditions in CASE command. I am getting error for the statement below: SELECT ST."EQUIPMENTID", CASE ST."INSERVICE"=1 WHEN SR."DATESERVICED" IS NOT NULL AND SC."INSTALLDATE" IS NULL AND SC."INSERVICEDATE" IS ...


Hi, Steps followed for neo4j base view. 1) created data source for neo4j by using jdbc (adapter : generic , driver neo4j 4.0 , driver class : org.neo4j.jdbc.Driver) 2) Created a base view from Query using below query MATCH (n:Samplenode {name: 'xyz'})...