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Datediff/timestamp diff
answered 14-09-2021 06:38:54 -0400

Hi, I have the below SQL server query, how would I interpret this in Denodo? I want to get time difference in days, hours, month, seconds. I am aware of "cast" function which equals "convert", "GETDATE()" which equals "CURRENTDATE()", "Varchar" will ...

Answers: 3

Access Dynamic file name from API
answered 14-09-2021 04:58:17 -0400

Hi, I have a scenario where in I need to pull the data from the public API HTTP link and the file name keep on changing. But the structure/format/columns remains the same. How can I handle this scenario within denodo so that view still connect to the l...

Answers: 3

Role management in solution manager
answered 14-09-2021 03:54:58 -0400

Hi Denodo Team Could you tell me does the configuration store in metadata database or properties file when i add a new group in role management. I deployed denodo on k8s and using external metada database now. I was thought the data will be store into...

Answers: 4

kubernetes Solution Manger Role and User Management

Load Denodo Data to Oracle Apex Table
answered 14-09-2021 03:00:13 -0400

I have used the Denodo Scheduler to access a Denodo interface view and load data to an Oracle 12c table, but can the Denodo Scheduler be used to load data into an Oracle Apex table?

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Connection error when authenticating
answered 14-09-2021 01:00:15 -0400

Hi, when i try to connect to the Denodo Schduler on the Soultion Manager web tool through the Virtual DataPort server it is showing me this error "Connection error when authenticating". I can access the Scheduler from the denodo platform where the VDP ...

Answers: 1

Solution Manager Connection Denodo Scheduler 7.0 Denodo Scheduler 8.0 Vitural data port 8

API usage Reference?
answered 14-09-2021 00:57:48 -0400

Hi, I am new to denodo. We are using Denodo. Where can I find reference links to API usage and troubleshoot? E.g., if I have API performance issues or if it hang, where should look for help? Thanks you!

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How Move table from one database to other database through VQL Shell?
answered 13-09-2021 18:37:04 -0400

Suppose i have x and y database folders. there are subfolders (A,B) under X and Y having subfolders(C,D). i want to move views from X(A) to Y(D). Please share VQL command and help me its needful.

Answers: 5

Question about external database
answered 13-09-2021 18:21:51 -0400

In my project, we are planning to use external cache database and external metadata database. I know how to setting it by using vdp admin tool or web gui, cause it is written on manual. There will be has no problem if the environment is windows or linu...

Answers: 8

kubernetes external database

How to store the data of role management to external metadataDB (Solution Manager)
answered 13-09-2021 18:19:19 -0400

Hi denodo team In general, the Roles Management are stored as part of the Metadata of the Embedded DB. After i enabled the External metadata database of Solution Manager, the new value should be store into External metadata database when i add a new r...

Answers: 4

Solution Manager Role Management external Database

Question on Certification Registry
answered 13-09-2021 08:24:38 -0400

Hello , I recently completed certification exam for DENODO PLATFORM 8.0 CERTIFIED ARCHITECT ASSOCIATE . I am still not seeing myself under dendodo certification registry. Can you assist. Is there any way to obtain card copy or download diploma certific...

Answers: 1

Architect certification