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We are excited to announce the availability of a new version of the Denodo Express 7.0 with new features and fixed issues starting in September 2019.

If you want to try it or if you want to migrate your current Denodo Express version you can download the brand new Denodo Express 7.0 at the Express home page in the Denodo Community.

In addition, if you want to enjoy the Denodo experience you can run one of our Test Drives.

Scheduler Integration
answered 03-12-2018 04:53:01 -0500

Team , We would like to use TIDAL scheduler for Processing data in a .csv file from a view to a different path. We don't want to use "Denodo Scheduler" which does this. We would like to know how we can integrate the 3rd party scheduler. Thanks, Sidd...

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Allowing Multiple inputs in SOAP webservice
answered 30-11-2018 08:35:13 -0500

Hi, I have created a SOAP webservice with fields field1,field2,field3 in input and multiple outputs (field4,field5)(field4,field5) BUt the requirement is I need to send multiple inputs in the request example {(field1,field2,field3)(field1,field2,field3...

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Starting a web service
answered 30-11-2018 05:41:53 -0500

Cancelling the question. I figured it out.

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Denodo Testing Tool REST Webservice

How to create URL for complete FTP server so that anyone can access files from their browser from anywhere?
answered 30-11-2018 05:40:21 -0500

Complete FTP Trail version 11.0.4

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Shell Scripting
answered 30-11-2018 05:32:34 -0500

Can you please provide a shell script through which I can connect to a particular Database in Denodo using "Driverclassname", "URL" , USERID , PASSWORD or other details of a JDBC connection. Please let me know incase of any other information needed.

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Metadata select invalid view/colums
answered 30-11-2018 04:36:51 -0500

Is it possible in denodo 6 tot make a query on metadta to select all invalid view with invalid columns?

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Initialization error. Cannot trust in the server to establish the SSL connection
answered 30-11-2018 03:43:22 -0500

Installed Denodo express with default setting Windows 2016 server Virtual DataPort Server was already started. When i tried to launch server with default admin credentials , i am getting "Initialization error. Cannot trust in the server to establis...

Answers: 1

Error handling for Data Movement failure
answered 29-11-2018 15:16:28 -0500

Good Morning Team, I'm working on a project where we had to enable data movement for optimizing the performance. There are times, the data movement is failing for some reason. The issue is that the front-end users do not have an idea if the data movem...

Answers: 2

Data Movement Error Handling Data Movement Failure

Unable to Delete a Deployed Revision
answered 29-11-2018 11:23:24 -0500

Why can't I delete a Revision that's been Deployed? If I try to delete a Revision that's been Deployed, Solution Manager shows an error message: "Revisions cannot be deleted. At least one revision has been deployed or attempted to deploy." I had creat...

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ds_web_orders and as per the On Demand training
answered 29-11-2018 09:00:57 -0500

Starting Developer training. Trying to set up connection: ds_web_orders and as per the On Demand training I enter all information jdbc:oracle:thin:@data-server:1521:xe and I get the error message: Unable to establish connection: IOError: The network ...

Answers: 1

@data-server connection: IOError