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DEN80EDU01ABDS Introduction to Data Virtualization - On-demand
answered 09-06-2021 02:12:38 -0400

Hi , Not able to open DEN80EDU01ABDS Introduction to Data Virtualization - On-demand course doesnot open in IE or chrome , keeps on loading but doesnot open

Answers: 1

Data Virtualization Developer

Getting the Source Tables and columns for non-JDBC datasources
answered 08-06-2021 09:36:53 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, For the views created from JDBC datasource in denodo I am able to get the source tables by using the default procedure GET_SOURCE_TABLES(). But when I use the same procedure to get the underlying source table information for the datasou...

Answers: 1

source tables SAP CSV Denodo8 JDBC Data Sources source columns DataSource underlying tables

Teradata Macro : Denodo
answered 08-06-2021 04:45:43 -0400

I need to access teradata macro through Denodo , Could you please how to expose terdata macro to Denodo and how to execute it with parameters to Macro.

Answers: 3

Teradata Macro

about license key
answered 07-06-2021 17:27:08 -0400

if we upgrade to 8th version from 7th ,we should buy a new license certificate for 8th version ??or 7th only will continue??

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The following fields are obligatory in the view 'view_name' : field_name
answered 07-06-2021 16:41:46 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, When I am trying to run a select query from java (through jdbc connectivity) on one of my view in denodo, I am having an issue in getting result. It is throwing the error : SQL state [HY000]; error code [31002]; No search methods ready...

Answers: 1

Base view DENODO SQL

ABout CONTEXT ('I18N' = 'gb');
answered 07-06-2021 16:10:32 -0400

HI team, we deploy some views from one env to anohter several env, and we found, for one exact view, after this deployment, one some deployed envs, it contained " CONTEXT ('I18N' = 'gb');" at then end of view vql, but on some on other deployed envs, th...

Answers: 1

context gb I18N

Custom wrapper development
answered 07-06-2021 08:56:43 -0400

Hi Team, I am developing a custom wrapper internally it calls sql server database for data and sends this data to rest api and it returns data after some manipulation this data I need in denodo so the custom wrapper is dependent upon sql driver jar and...

Answers: 3

custom wrapper

Denodo doesn't recognize local file within stored procedure
answered 07-06-2021 05:08:11 -0400

I have denodo platform 8.0 running on EC2 installed using cloudformation template as per the installation guide by Denodo. I am trying to create a custom stored proc which has to read a license file (locally saved inside /opt/denodo/denodo-platform8.0/...

Answers: 4

Logging Custom stored procedure ERROR_HANDLING Custom Functions License File Denodo Jar

Automate Source Refresh
answered 07-06-2021 00:34:16 -0400

Hi Denodo Team / Community, Is it possible to automate your source refresh on a scheduled manner? Thank you and more power.

Answers: 3

Display Trailing zeros solution not working
answered 04-06-2021 13:58:53 -0400

I tried the following and i still dont see the trailing zeros for decimal data... Generally, in Virtual DataPort “decimal“ type, precision, and scale of the decimal type is obtained from JDBC data sources. The Virtual DataPort Administration Tool wil...

Answers: 2