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Enable 2FA for Denodo
answered 04-09-2020 18:09:03 -0400

Can we enable 2 factor authentication for login to Denodo Data Catalog and VDP Admin tool ? If not both then either of them ?

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answered 04-09-2020 08:21:05 -0400

What is the equivalent for postgres function json_object_agg(name, value) function in Denodo ?

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json_object_agg JSON

Get the host name in VQL
answered 04-09-2020 08:10:06 -0400

Hi, I have a load balanced infrastructure, and would like to get the name of the node which is answering to my query. Something like select hostname() from dual Is it possible directly in VQL?

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Email notification on scheduled job failure
answered 04-09-2020 06:14:19 -0400

How to setup notification for any job failure scheduled via Denodo Scheduler ?

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#Scheduler #Email #Notification

Denodo testing tool, compare views with different names
answered 03-09-2020 08:56:29 -0400

Hi, With Denodo Testing Tool, I would like to compare number of lines of my source tables in db2 vs views in Denodo, problem is that names are differents. %CONTEXT tablenames[] = a, b, c interfacenames[] = aa, bb, cc schemavdp = eicorea schemadb2 = a ...

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SharePoint Connectivity
answered 03-09-2020 07:12:37 -0400

I am sorry if this has been asked before. Is it possible to retrive data from Denodo and show it in SharePoint on prem and online? I can see that data goes the other way. Thank you in advance for any insight.

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Month integer to Month name
answered 03-09-2020 04:59:32 -0400

I have a column with values of month numbers called "month" 01 02 03 I want the results to be of months name Jan Feb Mar, How to achieve this

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date formatdate monthinteger monthtext

Can denodo close all VDP and webservice threads immediately upon completion?
answered 03-09-2020 00:26:34 -0400

Since our last release, we are seeing spikes where we can see upwards of 1200 threads in the VDP service per box. In the lower environments this can take down environments, so I wanted to see if there was a way to configure the threads pool to automati...

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Cannot load Roles : Error accessing the metadata while loading/storing object
answered 02-09-2020 07:08:33 -0400

Hi, I'm enabling LDAPS authentication in VDP Client for default Admin DataBase. Connecting using my domain acoount works only when the condition "Assign 'all users role " for every connected user is enabled (Under Admin database configuration) When ...

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Denodo Semantic Layer
answered 02-09-2020 07:08:07 -0400

I have a need to replace a Business Object Universe potentially with a Denodo Semantic layer. Is that possible? For example, if I were to create a set of derived views and enforce Associations between them, does this replace a Business Object Universe?...

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