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What is the optimal concurrency level for scheduling a job in scheduler to load cache for multiple views?

I want to schedule a job in the scheduler to load the cache for views on a daily basis. There are approximately 400 views and I have divided these views in 6 different jobs. These view are not equally distrributed. I want to know optimal concurrency l...

Denodo scheduler job creation for cache

what is the meaning of-ve concurrancy values since it means no of views run simultaneously in a jon how can it be a negative value ?

Post -xml derived view "Insert operation is not allowed". using Postman

I am trying to use POST type request in derived view using POSTMAN.Below is body which i am using <dv_test xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:v1="

'[Unexpected error creating a connection: Pool not open]' - Scheduling VPDcache job

I am scehuling the VDPcache job, I can select the datasource, views to be cache from the denodo db. I have added two views by choosing load process for each one as 'Non-incremental' . While manually started the job it end up with error '[Unexpected err...

What stage denodo deletes the data from Azure blob storage?

Hi, I am working on denodo 8.0. I am reading a csv file thats on Azure blob storage. I see that theres an option to delete after reading in the base view and want to understand : What permission is required for denodo to delete the file from Azur...

Error saving datasource: SourceTypes (arn, custom, df, gs, itp, jdbc, json, odbc, ws, xml, excel, saperp, sapbw, olap, essbase, sapbwbapi, salesforce) are limited to 0 but 1 are found

Hello denodo developers, while creating a jdbc data source I came across this error. I can test the connection successfully but when I want to save it this error pops up. I am using the SOL license.

Passing fields as parameter

Hi Team, I would like to know how can I parameterized values on denodo quiries. e.g Whenever I execute a query a pop up must apear asking me to type in dates.

Preserving blank spaces in CSV export

Hi I am exporting data from derived views as CSV file . I want data fields to be followed by blank spaces , I am using 'REPEAT' function in VDP but when I see exported CSV file all text fields are truncated i.e. there are no blank spaces . may I ...

Interface View

Hi, I would like to define the interface which has customer_key, customer_name, order_date and sales_amount. adding a implementation to that, i need to get the customer name from customer base view and all other columns from fact_Sales view. on the ...

Import or create function for user defined functions in ibm i

i have a user defined function in ibm i oroororoorroroororoorrrororoororoorroroororoorrrorrorcallsr as400. how to create a wrapper so that i can use it as a function on denodo instead of creating a procedure. the issue is that the function calls a nati...