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connection error message
answered 19-05-2020 06:29:53 -0400

errors when testing connection establish connection: Unable to establish connection: Driver not found

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test connection but not able to connect successfully
answered 19-05-2020 06:28:18 -0400

after the setup of denodo express, I tried to connect to JDBC but always gets connection issue what should the login credentials be? Is this the sql server access credential

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vdp Denodo Express

How to connect to a csv file placed in an HTTPpath?
answered 19-05-2020 04:38:02 -0400

Hi Team, I need to connect to a csv file placed in https path . Every day this path will get updated with a new csv file to which denodo needs to be connected and extraced the data. I tried to create using 'Delimited file' but the data doesnt show up ...

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Denodo with SOLR -- ERROR
answered 19-05-2020 03:47:06 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, I have a problem connecting denodo virtual dataport adm tool to solr-solrj-7.4.0 After creating a new data source, I connect the data source with SOLR by specifying as follows: Database adapter: Generic Driver class path: ‘'D:\Denodo_P...

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Where do I use or install the denodo-express-lic-7_0 file?
answered 19-05-2020 03:06:48 -0400

Downloaded Denodo Express as well as the Lic file. Installed Denodo but don't know what to do about the denodo-express-lic-7_0 file.

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minus view application
answered 18-05-2020 06:29:47 -0400

Hi, i have data coming from 2 sources, for example : name and phone number. this data may appear in both sources , would a minus view be a solution to fetch the non repetitive records from both sources into 1 single view ?

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minus view

Data Sources on IBM/z
answered 18-05-2020 04:49:42 -0400

I was looking in your guide and can see you support access to Db2 for z. Is there a requirement to have a third party product like connix to access non-relational data sources on Z like IAM, VSAM, ZFS, SEQ and Tape datasets?

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Error at downloading zip file training on demand: DEN70EDUD01 Data Virtualization Developer (Introduction) - On-demand
answered 18-05-2020 04:14:45 -0400

Error display "OOPS! Please try again. If this issue persists, please notify us with the steps taken to recreate the issue." when I try to download folder DEN70EDUD1004LAB01.zip at course DEN70EDUD01 Data Virtualization Developer (Introduction) - On-de...

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Training DENODO

Need to Delete GCP Trial
answered 18-05-2020 00:46:34 -0400

Hello On 13 May 2020, I launched two diffrent trials: Azure & GCP. I need your help to delete only GCP. Thank you.

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gcp free-trial

Scheduler email-exported-files handler does not send email when there is an error
answered 15-05-2020 14:49:54 -0400

We are using a scheduled job to execute source_changes() to notify via email when any base view(s) no longer match their underlying data source. It works great when there are no errors, such as connectivity issues on the data source of any base views b...

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