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Accessing Denodo VDP through Linux Shell
answered 12-03-2020 08:54:55 -0400

Hello, I have a requirement to run a Denodo query in Linux using Shell script. JDK 1.8 is installed on the server. My plan is to install JDBC VDP driver, create jdbc connection and execute query using the connection. Is there any such implementation w...

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Denodo connection with public databases
answered 12-03-2020 00:23:24 -0400

Denodo can be connected to public databases as Bloomberg or other to get interest rate or dollar value?

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Connecting to remote databases

Folder structure using ODBC driver
answered 11-03-2020 08:00:55 -0400

Many of our users connect to Denodo using the ODBC driver, version 7. Our databases have interfaces structured in folders, which are visible through VDP, and certain other tools (such as DB Visualizer). However, most reporting tools (ex. Excel, Power B...

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ODBC folders Driver

Not able to log in to URL http://localhost:9090/server/denodo_training/ws_rest_api/views/bv_wo_orders with local user credentials
answered 11-03-2020 07:54:07 -0400

Need to test the application of the plan on the published REST resource using the following users http://localhost:9090/server/denodo_training/ws_rest_api/views/bv_wo_orders User: local_user/local Administrator: admin/admin I am able to log in to th...

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About Scheduler Administration Tool
answered 11-03-2020 06:59:35 -0400

two questions about denodo Scheduler tool: does denodo Schedule tool can call shell script job or python script job Does only the administrator of VDP has the access/write right for tool Scheduler Administration?

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Denodo Scheduler 7.0

How to configure a JSON data source.
answered 10-03-2020 18:57:06 -0400

Hi, I'm trying to connect to a REST API (https://help.ivanti.com/ht/help/en_US/ISM/2019.1/admin/Content/Configure/API/Get-All-Business-Objects.htm) using Session ID method (auth token) I am able to do it connecting via Postman, but struggling to conf...

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authorization Ivanti Service Manager JSON

export through cmd /Export Script
answered 10-03-2020 10:23:13 -0400

As we can export from vdp Tool gui buy how to export through cmd as Export Script you mention on this link Export Script when i try to hit the example script export --server "//localhost:9999" --login admin --password admin --singleuser --repository "...

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Error accessing the metadata
answered 10-03-2020 10:22:15 -0400

hi there com.denodo.vdb.catalog.user.User [] - Error loading user 'xxxxx' : Error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects I have tried to add a user and getting this error. I have started denodo as administrator. Any ideas

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Error Computing capabilities
answered 10-03-2020 01:52:01 -0400

Hi, I am facing error while creating a aggregate field of my group by view. My error is "Error Computing capabilities : Error computing capabilities of group by view" com.denodo.vdb.admin.model.vdbserverproxy.VDBServerProxyException: error computi...

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Error Computing capabilities