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Automate deployment from one environment to other using terraform

I want to create scripts to automate the deployment from one environment to other using Terraform. Please guide me how we can fetch that scripts in Denodo

Preserving VQL formatting when using Edit Mode

I generally work in the VQL mode in the Virtual DataPort tool and wish to retain my formatting. I use the "CONTEXT('formatted' = 'yes')" clause regularly, but even with that, I've noticed the formatting gets reverted back to default (including view ali...

CSV Export | DENODO 8.0

I am trying to export the CSV from Scheduler . so whenever I export data it is padded with blank spaces after using repeat but it is surrounded by double quotes . I just want blank spaces after it . E.g . CSV_FILE.csv Stud_Id Stud_Name 12 ,Mr.Jon &l...

Ten million row limitation on CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE

We are caching a large dataset ( 40 Million + roiws), however the CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE stored procedure only clears 10 Million rows at a time - so I have to re-run the sp in order to properly clean the DB. How do I get around this limitation, so it wi...

Left outer join losing rows

Hi, I'm joining a bunch of derived views. The SQL has 3 INNER joins and 2 LEFT OUTER joins. The LEFT OUTER joins are losing rows. One of this LEFT OUTER join has a static filter condition (like Active = 'Yes'). None of these derived views have PKs def...

DB2 nested stored procedure on ibm I or as/400 generates the result set. But the view on denodo does not get the result.

i have nestwnested nested stored procedure. i.e. stored proc 1 - creating tables and populating the tables stored proc 2 - to call external rpgle program which popultes one of the tables created. stored proc 3 - to call the stored proc 1, thethen c...

JDBC Scheduler Exporter: Delete table content:: Truncate or delete?

In the exporter section (JDBC) of a scheduler job, there is an option to "Delete table content:". Does this use truncate or delete? I need to know what grants to set int he database (Oracle 19c).

Pagination issue which retrieving data from API

We are connecting to API via a GATEWAY where our request is passed though based on the URI. Example 1) We have a API 2) We need to call the API via a gateway, So Denodo will call

Dynamic Query in JSON

Hi team, How to create a dynamic query for the specific field or multiple fields? Because, I think Dynamic query helps to filter the data in runtime and gets to filter the huge data and provide the result much faster than the usual one. So I need to ...

Network path location value to interpolcation variable?

Hi Team, How to provide the Network path location value to the interpoltion variable for excel data source? \folder1\subfodler1\filename.xlsx If i give this value as the value for the interpolation variable test conenction fails. Any suggestions?