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Sharepoint/OneDrive directory access to get CSV or Excel Files
answered 18-06-2020 06:58:01 -0400

Hello Denodo! We've been trying to get all the instructions in the following links to work with no success: https://community.denodo.com/answers/question/details?questionId=9060g000000Xf4oAAC&title=OneDrive+Connetion https://community.denodo...

Answers: 4

Datasource OneDrive Excel CSV Sharepoint

JSON datasource pagination: path to “next” URL in response — in array
answered 17-06-2020 20:49:41 -0400

What is the syntax of the Path to “next” URL in response field in JSON data source pagination settings? I am trying to adress a second object in array, e.g. consider a modified example from the manual: { "name": "p_echo", "elements": [{ "cu...

Answers: 1

pagination JSON Data Source

Optional interpolation variables
answered 17-06-2020 08:14:12 -0400

Each time I create a base view over a JSON data source with interpolation variables, denodo asks me to provide all of the variables. But what if the API does not support the combination of all the variables together? E.g. there is external_id and local...

Answers: 3

Base view Interpolation Variables Create Base View

Oracle Set Role
answered 17-06-2020 02:26:20 -0400

Is there a way to have Denodo set the role for the user connecting to an Oracle database through a Denodo view? e.g. "set role <role_name>"

Answers: 1

Data Source Access to Oralce JDBC

Custom Policy - Access to view parameters & Masking reason
answered 17-06-2020 01:59:37 -0400

The need is to accept a view parameter which will contain some security related information/token from another internal system. Based on that info, the view columns needs to be masked or/and filter rows and return to the consuming application. The addi...

Answers: 6

Denodo 7.0

answered 16-06-2020 09:27:16 -0400

Please advice if there's any global server level timeout setting for all queries fired in Denodo by different users and by different means? So that if any query runs by x hrs, its halted. We are aware of timeout setting in VDP admin tool, but that is a...

Answers: 1

global server level timeout setting

Resolution of Admin Tool
answered 16-06-2020 08:48:23 -0400

Hi, I just started using the test drive on AWS. When I logged on the tool using RDP, the resolution of the Admin tool is so tiny that I am not able to see anything at all. The web pages are coming fine, but the admin tool is not visible and I am not a...

Answers: 4

aws free-trial

Check the feasibility of installing denodo express on UNIX/Linux box without UI
answered 16-06-2020 07:23:33 -0400

HI, is there any way to install denodo express on Linux box and use the VDP via web URL?

Answers: 1

How to consume Denodo RESTAPI (based on HANA view with input parameter) inPowerBI
answered 16-06-2020 06:59:47 -0400

Hello Colleagues, I have a requirement where I am having a Denodo base view which is built on SAP HANA view having input parameter. I have generated RESTFUL API from Denodo and when i run it, it says we need to in put as follow: There was an error ...

Answers: 1

List of Roles and complete hierarchy
answered 16-06-2020 05:43:07 -0400

How do i get the list of roles in Denodo and the complete role hierarchy?

Answers: 5

Role and User Management