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How to install Denodo 8 linix Client
answered 19-07-2021 12:29:35 -0400

Hi team, I want to install denodo 8 linix client, I got the package "denodo-install-client-8.0", how can I install that on my linux machine? Please guide, we are eager for the answer. Also, after install this package on my linux machine, can I get impo...

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Denodo 8 linux client

Bulk Data Load API error in Denodo 8.0
answered 19-07-2021 08:09:05 -0400

I have followed the below steps to configure databricks as cache and mpp in denodo 8.0 from this link https://community.denodo.com/kb/en/view/document/Configuring%20Databricks%20as%20MPP%20and%20Cache#h.df1a9s2oqcco Everything is OK but querying table...

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databrick Bulk Data Load Denodo8 MPP Cache

Error in Data source creation in ADLS 2 container
answered 15-07-2021 05:27:29 -0400

Hi, I am trying to establish a connection to read and write back a csv file ADLS 2.0 container. I am trying in custom wrapper so I configured my core-site.xml with my ADLS account with keys. When I try to test connection the connection is succes...

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CSV Create Base View Data sources Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Push down filter to JSON data source
answered 15-07-2021 02:33:44 -0400

Hi Team, I have a scenario where a REST API exposing large volume of data which required to be configured in Denodo as data source. We are able to achieve this by using JSON data souce and HTTP client. The data volume is high, hence filter conditions ...

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JSON Data Source HTTP client

Flatten View to JSON Array Structure
answered 14-07-2021 05:08:19 -0400

I have joined three tables from oracle DB and projected two columns in each table. Now I tried to expose this as a JSON REST service endspoint. I have modified the output JSON structure, From the flattern view to JSON Array. Something like below. { 'ke...

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VQL for Retrieving Used By information for View
answered 13-07-2021 16:22:21 -0400

Is it possible to retrieve the Used By information (which is available in the VDP Admin Tool) for a view via VQL or some other programmatic method?

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Performance issues while loading data to Tableau where the source is Denodo
answered 13-07-2021 12:29:37 -0400

We are facing poor performance issue in Tableau as it is taking much longer time (handshaking and metadata exploration) than expected before it pulls the data from Denodo via JDBC connection. Please suggest how we can carry out performance tunning an...

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Issue in accessing OData4.0 service
answered 13-07-2021 07:07:19 -0400

Hi Team, OData4.0 service is accessible only from default database (admin). We need to access OData4.0 from other databases as well. Let us know the configuration changes to be done to access it from other databases also. Please help us to resolve th...

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import.sh for Denodo 8 client
answered 13-07-2021 06:32:11 -0400

Hi team, We now use Denodo 7, and we use import.sh from denodo VDP client package for some code automation running. We will migration to denodo 8 ASAP, where I can get import.sh and its dependent stuff for Denodo 8. We need this script to run on linux ...

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Denodo 8 import.sh

Unable to connect to the database: The TCP/IP connection to the host DESKTOP-FT43ES7, port 1433 has failed. Error: "connect timed out. Verify the connection properties
answered 13-07-2021 06:19:59 -0400

Unable to connect to the database: The TCP/IP connection to the host DESKTOP-FT43ES7, port 1433 has failed. Error: "connect timed out. Verify the connection properties. Make sure that an instance of SQL Server is running on the host and accepting TCP/I...

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