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Prioritize operational over analytical queries

Hi, Can I check how can prioritze operational queries over analytical queries? Can I check if the above question can be achieved in resource manager? if yes, if there's any documents that I can refer to do the setup? Thanks!

Link broken in Usage Statistics (404not found)

Load the Denodo Incremental Cache Load stored procedure in Denodo Virtual DataPort. The link was broken in 「Denodo Incremental Cache Load」part. Usage Statistics

Denodo Pagination - JSON Source

I am facing an issue while paginating the data. We are getting response details in JSOn format and we are simply passing the path of that next page in JSON data source. But the Denodo Pagination mechanism is something where complete URI will be replac...

Not able to use order by clause for multiple columns

hi i have joined two views and i am trying to use order by clause on the view with the provided functionality in denodo 7 . but i am not able to use two or more columns, Is there any way i can use order by on the integrated view for multiple columns

We are able to see lists, yet files attached are only retreived as filenames and not a BLOB

We have been able to follow the procedure as stated from: We can see the lists data ...

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Denodo Driver with Java 7.1 version

Hi All, We are tring to connect with IBM Infosphere Datastage 11.5 v with Denodo through ODBC. IBM Infosphere supports Java 7.1 version and it cannot be update to Java 8 Can you please tell whether denodo have ODBC Drivers of Java 7.1 version to insta...

Common Table Expression (CTE) and Recursion

I see there is support of WITH statements allowing CTE work. Does Denodo support recursion in CTE's? I have tried to get it working, but the error back is that the name of the CTE does not exist. When I remove the recursion piece of the query, it wo...

Best Practices

On best practices, it is said that if we have multiple join, don't combine all in one view ... instead create layers of view .. Question: how many layers of view is recommended .. ?

unable to connect to the multidimensional server

We connected to THE DW of SAP according to this document, but encountered some problems. Please kindly check the document we are using

I do not have a finite number of values to include "cases" on to create new columns

I have scenario where the number unique values in the column (questionid) could keep getting larger. so I can't set up a static list of CASE conditions is there a way to dynamically take the column value for question id and put it across the top of t...

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