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Creating base view for REST API whose access token changes frequently
answered 09-11-2020 05:40:28 -0500

I have a REST API created whose access token changes every 2 hours. How do i create a base view on top of that. I want the access token to be automatically passed at the run time, whenever denodo queries the data source through base view. I followed ...

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Denodo Increamental Cache Load
answered 06-11-2020 09:07:54 -0500

I am using Denodo V7 and I have enabled full Cache on a view in Denodo. Now I am trying to set up an incremental Cache load for this view through the Denodo Scheduler. But I keep getting an error which goes like this 'Error executing query. Total tim...

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Denodo Incremental Cache

Post operation
answered 06-11-2020 07:33:16 -0500

Is it possible to push the derived view data into target systems using API post operation in denodo?

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post Json #API #Rest_API

How to convert rows to columns using SPLIT function/any generic function in Denodo
answered 06-11-2020 04:45:33 -0500

Hi Team, I need to know is there any generic function available in DENODO for SPLIT function which can be used for any of the views without depending on one single view/function. Example: In Oracle we do have below function which can be used in any o...

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#Denodo #Split #SQL #rowsToColumns

Unable to establish connection to local host
answered 05-11-2020 08:05:59 -0500

Name:jdbc_sql Database adapter: Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (MS Driver) I am using SQL Server 2019 Express Database url: jdbc:sqlserver://localhost;IntegratedSecurity=true;DatabaseName=incident Left all the others blank I get an error: Unable to establ...

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For base view vql, what does "ESCAPE" mean?
answered 05-11-2020 04:35:49 -0500

I just observer the vql of the base view (data source is Hadoop Dremio), for the columns whose sourcetypename='CHARACTER VARYING', some has the attribute "ESCAPE NOT SORTABLE" , some has the attribute "NOT SORTABLE", why for the same data type, they ha...

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base view vql ESCAPE

Denodo4E used for Denodo in AWS cloud
answered 04-11-2020 07:18:12 -0500

When using Denodo4E for custom wrapper development, it is required to specify Denodo Platform Home Directory. When the Denodo server instance is in AWS cloud not on a local machine, can I still use Denodo4E? If yes, how do I specify the Denodo Platform...

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Pega connection
answered 03-11-2020 11:02:34 -0500

I'm using denodo 7 How Denodo can connect Pega as a datasource. If i need to consume Extracts from Pega, how denodo can handle it. Please help.

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answered 03-11-2020 06:03:46 -0500

Hi there I am in the process of setting up SSL on Denodo v8. But I cant get tomcat started. Please assist. 3350 [main] INFO 2020-10-29T11:15:09.377 server.start [] - Starting Denodo Platform 8.0 - Process owner: xxxx i - Operating system: Windows Serv...

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Merging multiple views
answered 03-11-2020 05:56:16 -0500

Hello, I have 6 views. Each view has Key1,Key2,Key3 and other common columns except 1 column which is different in each of the 6 views. I created 1 single Join view (Merge Full Join) joining all views on Key column. I am expecting all the views to merg...

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