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Denodo Scheduler Information

Does the Denodo stores the job schedule and run information in any of the metadata (scheduled through the Denodo Job Scheduler)? Kindly let me know. Thanks !

FK/PK constraints in Hive3

Hi denodo team i have a question about denodo and hive3. I heard that hive3 will be add into official support source database in next denodo updates. And will denodo collect releationships(PK/FK) automatically when create several base view from hive l...

Make use of external key management system for encryption

Hi all, Can I check if Denodo allowed us to make use of external key management system for encryption and maintaining the encryption keys? Thanks!


Hi, Some pictures on this article are not visisble, please fix them

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Any success story implementing high load client-facing applications that use Denodo as DV in between many datasources?

Hi community Is anybody could share success story implementing high load client-facing applications that use Denodo for retreiving data coming from many datasources (local databases as well as foreign cloud databases) ? Based on your experiences, plea...

Associations between base views and derived views?

Hi Team, Does it makes sense to create associations between base views and dervied views? Ot just create associations between base views ? And create seperate associations between derived views? Also for the scenario where there is no PK FK relation s...

Data shows as NULL for my Custom Stored Procedure output

My custom stored procedure seems to be performing all the tasks but displays the results on the VDP administration tool failing with the below error from the vdp.log file: 6106888826 [Access(1692)-244-02.00-mojodb.customscorer810] ERROR 2021-08-11T13:...

List of databases ,datasources and schema for table using Restful api

Hi Guys I am checking for Rest api or oher api apart from jdbc for getting list of databases,datasources,paticular datasources tables and corresponding schemas those are i am able to get by using jdbc but not restapi or any other api can anyone help me...

Query delegation

Hi, How many columns(fields) I can delegate to the soure from denodo? I am facing an exception 'ORA-01722 invalid number' while delegating more than 160 columns to the source? So is there any limit set on source side or denodo side? Kindly assist, T...

Video not clear

Vedio is not very clear.

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