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Struggling with using a field with JSON data and tying it back to the original view using an ID field
answered 10-03-2021 01:32:44 -0500

I have a view that has a field called "primaryqa". it contains data that has answers to questions in JSON format that I want to parse and then joing back to the original view using an field called "id". [{"QuestionID":1,"Answer":"Yes"},{"QuestionID":2...

Answers: 1

Interpolation Variables joining of interpolation variables array

Assign restrictions without execute rights
answered 09-03-2021 06:42:37 -0500

Hello, I have multiple interface views in my report layer with customer sales and sales figures. I used the 'Assign Restrictions' function in a shared base view, so for example German users could only see sales data from Germany. Which also worked very...

Answers: 5

Role and User Management

ER Tool integration
answered 09-03-2021 02:44:22 -0500

We use SAP Power Designer for our logical data modelling. It is possible to populate the VDP definitions from external metadata e.g. definitions of data sources, joing views etc?

Answers: 3

logical models

Unable to download DENODO EXPRESS 8.0
answered 08-03-2021 07:34:13 -0500

Hi, I am trying to download DENODO EXPRESS 8 64-bit for Windows and somehow download is breaking in between though there is no fluctuate in my internet connectivity. Another problem is that a download won't resume in download manager. I think when co...

Answers: 1

Denodo Express 8

multiple parallel branches of Selection plans
answered 08-03-2021 07:32:12 -0500

Hi Team, I am facing slow performance issue for 1 our interface. we are querying the interface with three columns in where clause where we passing values given below : select * from i_my_interface where col1 = '001' and col2 in (2,2,3,4,5,4,6,7,8,8,3...

Answers: 1

selection plan

query return different value in VDP and python script connect denodo via JDBC driver
answered 08-03-2021 07:10:09 -0500

Hi Team, I ran below two command in VDP and python script (via JDBC driver), thry show different value, why? I want to have the python script running have the same return result as the VDP return result. DESC VIEW view_1 VDP result: include name, expre...

Answers: 1

python VDP return result different

Issue while configuring Kerberos Authentication
answered 05-03-2021 08:06:16 -0500

Hi Team, We are in process of enabling Kerberos authentication at server level. We have created the global user, SPN and the Keytab file and enabled the Kerberos at the server level giving all the required details. When we restart the vdp server, it s...

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#kerberos #authentication

18 digit timestamp LDAP timestamp conversion
answered 05-03-2021 07:08:17 -0500

I have a timestamp field in the following 18 digit format from our LDAP 132332110839739771 Is there any easy way to convert this to a standard date format? based on converter online this is the value: Epoch/Unix time: 1588737483 GMT: Wednesday, Ma...

Answers: 1

chrome timestamp

Where Condition on Analytical Function Output
answered 05-03-2021 05:53:47 -0500

Denodo 6.0 20201123 I created a new field from the RANK analytical function in one of my datasets. In order to do so, I had to use the workaround of sending the data from a view down to a temporary table on a SQL server. This was because part of the d...

Answers: 3

condition Analytical RANK WHERE

Error while inserting data with bulk load activated on Oracle Data source
answered 05-03-2021 03:27:34 -0500

Hi, I’m making tests on data file load using Denodo Express 8.0 for Windows 64 bits. I have an Oracle instance running on the same computer. I run catldr.sql as sysdba on the Oracle database. I created a data source (dstrcr) and activated "Use Bulk D...

Answers: 3

Bulk Data Load Oracle