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VCS Setup - GitHub
answered 14-07-2020 08:23:56 -0400

what GitHub services will Denodo server be consuming to identify the port to be opened for Denodo installation ?

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#VCS; #Github

Server shutdown without information
answered 14-07-2020 07:55:15 -0400

We are doing a client POC with a partner license. The Denodo server is being shutdown randomly the last few weeks (although the computer is running from weeks ago without restarting). I have the main services (VDP server etc) prepared to be restared a...

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Server Shutdown Issue
answered 13-07-2020 11:33:20 -0400

I am unable to shutdown my VDP, Scheduler, IT Pilot Wrapper server. Please help urgently Error: Unexpected Error. Connection refused: Connect

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How to connect Denodo with SSL certificate in Tableau?
answered 13-07-2020 04:26:23 -0400

Hi, Can any one provide me the steps to coonnect tableau with Denodo if SSL is enabled in Denodo server. I am also trying to connect by tableau but unable to get the option to attache public SSL certificate.

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Connecting Tabealu on Denodo ODBC Tableau ODBC DENODO Driver Tableau SSL

VDPCACHEDATASOURCE not connecting directly
answered 13-07-2020 02:23:03 -0400

I am using denodo express Enabled the cache at the database level in derby DB Created a cache with FULL mode at a derived view level. I did not create a cache at the base view level I can also confirm that queries on my derived is also using this cache...

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I am run the free trial of Denodo on Azure. I am trying to use DbVisualizer JDBC connection from outside of Azure. I've opened the network security but still cannot connect to the public IP .
answered 10-07-2020 04:25:38 -0400

jdbc:vdb:// where is the public IP for my denodo-vm Windows I can connect using DbVisualizer to jdbc:vdb://localhost:9999/tutorial Is there any documentation on how to do this?

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Denodo on Azure free-trial

Denodo 7.0 not invalidating matching rows with dynamic VQL, working in 6.0
answered 10-07-2020 01:43:08 -0400

I have a cache update query with the paramaters: select * from view_name where "PeriodMonth" in ( cast('text',substr(FORMATDATE('MMM', ADDMONTH(CURRENT_DATE(),-1)),1,1)||lower(substr(FORMATDATE('MMM', ADDMONTH(CURRENT_DATE(),-1)),2,3))||'-'||FORMATDAT...

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7.0 Cache

Incomplete statistics in the following nodes
answered 09-07-2020 07:15:57 -0400

Hi Team, I'm facing an issue on gather stats. when i ran a query and gone through execution trace, I can see Optimizer message 'Incomplete statistics in the following nodes' and showing some base view names. i'm getting same message even after gathe...

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Gather Statistics

Error: Invalid number format for port number
answered 09-07-2020 06:00:00 -0400

I'm trying to make the DEN70EDUD1001VID01 - Data Sources. JDBC module and i am unable to establish connection. Here is the message : Unable to establish connection : invalid number format for port number. I need help, Thanks

Answers: 4

Question on VDP client for Linux64
answered 09-07-2020 02:28:06 -0400

If we have a Denodo Platform installed on Linux64, AND a VDP Client for Linux64- does the VDP client give access to a Graphical Interface to administer the otherwise "headless" Denodo Linux server?

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VDP 7.0