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Denodo to AWS
answered 17-06-2021 23:32:10 -0400

Hi All, I need to bring Dennodo base view data into a AWS S3 bucket. This can be done through a Glue job that connects to Denodo using the JDBC url and stores the data into the required S3 bucket. However the connection to Denodo from AWS is not gett...

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Display Date/Timestamp in a Specific Pattern
answered 17-06-2021 14:48:53 -0400

Hello! We have countless tables in Oracle that contains columns of DATE datatype although in Denodo, they are set as TIMESTAMP (i see that the datatype DATE is already depracated). In line with that, could you kindly help us know what setting could we...

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If Cache Scheduler fails can it call data source directly using FULL cache mode?
answered 16-06-2021 22:59:57 -0400

Hello, I have one view and full cache mode is applied on it and it is scheduled to run everyday on 8PM, so in full cache mode view will never hit datasource, SUppose scheduler went down due to any reason, now my question is: Q. Can we call data sourc...

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Symbolic link visible as a file and not folder
answered 16-06-2021 12:50:06 -0400

I created the symbolic link and that is visible as a file and not a folder. Can you please explain if something is wrong here? Also i need to use double quotes around the remote network folder. " mklink /d c:\Tempsymboliclink "\server\Parameter" Secon...

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@symbolic link

How to fetch execution time for Denodo query by python
answered 16-06-2021 08:24:13 -0400

Hi team, Do we have some way about how to fetch execution time for Denodo query by python script? Or do we have some pre-defined store procedure can be used for this property, we have the requirement to auto-collect the query running time. Thanks.

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Denodo python query execution time

Azure Denodo database with Direct query Power BI
answered 15-06-2021 07:03:13 -0400

Hi, I am looking solution to connect Denodo database with Power BI direct query method. I am able to connect Power BI desktop with Denodo database using ODBC connection but unable to view the content into Power BI service. I am connecting Power BI de...

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Azure #powerBI connection #Denodo-PowerBI LDAP #powerBI connection #Denodo-PowerBI #reportserver

GraphQL service for Express Edition?
answered 15-06-2021 05:04:23 -0400

Hi, I was trying to test out GraphQL service on Denodo Express edition, and followed the official documentation but run into the issues. If I try to go to this link - SERVERIP:9090/denodo-graphql-service/graphql/admin , I receive the following error ...

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Jenkins integration with GIT
answered 14-06-2021 06:28:32 -0400

With reference to the Q&A at below link - a) Is Jenkins is integrated with Denodo or GIT? As per instruction we have to configure by pointing to the VCS URL of the Virtual DataPort server. So its looks like Jenkins will export from denodo database,...

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Denodo Installation on Local (onpremise) system
answered 14-06-2021 06:25:44 -0400

Hi Denodo sme, i have username and password for Denodo and i am able to download Denodo and assuming this is license version 1) Denodo solution manager 2) Denodo VDP (windows) from Denodo website . 3) can anyone tell us what is Software requiremen...

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Denodo Installation

How to setup DataSource using simba connector through config
answered 13-06-2021 20:08:59 -0400

In Denodo, I need to create a datasource which connects Azure DataBricks through Simba connector. I want to make a config file with all details. No manual as its our Dev environment setup I need details on Config file and It requires User/Password. Ho...

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simba Dynamic Datasources Azure databricks