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KeepAlive configuration settings
answered 13-10-2022 09:07:12 -0400

when working with the ODBC Denodo drivers, the connection is dropped if inactive more then 5 minutes and we must start a new session each time. Please provide KeepAlive seetings that would allow us to stay connected for up to 15 minutes of idle time.

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Event based scheduling in Denodo
answered 12-10-2022 21:00:12 -0400

Need to execute Interface view/s using scheduler based on configuration table entry made by user(on demand request) User can set the status of the one or multiple reports in the configuration table as "OnDemand". We need to read this entry and execute...

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Outgoing Connections from Denodo
answered 12-10-2022 13:55:14 -0400

Hello experts, We have been told that there are several million connections open from Denodo to an FTP datasource/baseview. Where can we view these connections in Denodo? The getsessions() seems to display just the incoming connections/queries. Please...

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#Outgoingconnections #Denodo8 #Denodo

Create a Base View from list users command
answered 12-10-2022 08:44:36 -0400

How do you create a view from the "list users" command? I've tried several things but can't seem to find the right syntax

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To assign a value to a variable in array in linux scripts.
answered 11-10-2022 08:06:03 -0400

For eg: my_dict= { username:raj, password:raj123 ....} Now, I want result as : when I echo username, raj should come, in the same way range or any other function to get all the variables and the values.

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array dictionary in linux script

Log file location
answered 11-10-2022 04:36:35 -0400

What is the location of all the log files mentioned above? Able to see only VDP-admin.log under VDP-admin folder. How to get/see other logs mentioned in this thread? Context: Unable to configure oauth. Trying to verify logs to find the root cause

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Error logs

Automating creation of base views using Generate VQL Script and Get Source Table stored procs
answered 07-10-2022 20:27:40 -0400

Good day, I have been trying to combine the Generate VQL Script to Create Base View and Get Source Tables stored procs to automate the creation of my views for all tables in a range of schema's from a DB2 datawarehouse. I was provide a sample from the...

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Automation Create Base View

In which place we cannot view the WSDL of a published SOAP web services ?
answered 07-10-2022 19:54:15 -0400

In which place we cannot view the WSDL of a published SOAP web services ?

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Error Executing View : Function Sum is not Executable
answered 06-10-2022 12:08:45 -0400

Hi, I am using analyticsal function on top of a union view, this union view is basically combination of two different data source, one is Netezza and Other is Oracle. When I am using partition by clause on the union View I am having "Function Sum is n...

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