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Interface View
answered 07-09-2021 08:34:56 -0400

Hi, I would like to define the interface which has customer_key, customer_name, order_date and sales_amount. adding a implementation to that, i need to get the customer name from customer base view and all other columns from fact_Sales view. on the ...

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Import or create function for user defined functions in ibm i
answered 07-09-2021 05:46:54 -0400

i have a user defined function in ibm i oroororoorroroororoorrrororoororoorroroororoorrrorrorcallsr as400. how to create a wrapper so that i can use it as a function on denodo instead of creating a procedure. the issue is that the function calls a nati...

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Excel Connection breaks after upadting the metatdata for the data source
answered 07-09-2021 04:53:34 -0400

Hi, I am working on few excel data sources which already have defined base views. Everythign was workign fine until i updated the medata (for data source description) and then the base view started returnign zero records. So i have to again test conen...

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Distributed File System Custom Wrapper download
answered 07-09-2021 01:20:13 -0400

To whom it may concern, Hello, can someone direct me to the link to download the custom wrapper library please? I see many other questions regarding it, but am unable to find a link to download even after doing a search on it specifically. Thank you i...

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Is there an ISDATE equivalent in Denodo VDP ?
answered 06-09-2021 08:01:37 -0400

Hello. I'm trying to re-write a DB2 sql query which at some point uses the ISDATE function to validate a text value against a given date pattern , in order to verify that this text field contains a valid date: ADMIN.ISDATE(((LPAD(BTRIM((PRE.DAY)::"VAR...

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how to tackle which uses most recources in past days
answered 06-09-2021 03:04:54 -0400

my laptop resources are 16gb ram,1tb harddisk. if we use 7th and 8th version simultanuosly in one laptop, how to tackle which uses most recources in past days??

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Automate deployment from one environment to other using terraform
answered 06-09-2021 02:16:52 -0400

I want to create scripts to automate the deployment from one environment to other using Terraform. Please guide me how we can fetch that scripts in Denodo

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Preserving VQL formatting when using Edit Mode
answered 03-09-2021 19:53:00 -0400

I generally work in the VQL mode in the Virtual DataPort tool and wish to retain my formatting. I use the "CONTEXT('formatted' = 'yes')" clause regularly, but even with that, I've noticed the formatting gets reverted back to default (including view ali...

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VQL formatting

CSV Export | DENODO 8.0
answered 03-09-2021 13:37:15 -0400

I am trying to export the CSV from Scheduler . so whenever I export data it is padded with blank spaces after using repeat but it is surrounded by double quotes . I just want blank spaces after it . E.g . CSV_FILE.csv Stud_Id Stud_Name 12 ,Mr.Jon &l...

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Ten million row limitation on CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE
answered 03-09-2021 13:26:42 -0400

We are caching a large dataset ( 40 Million + roiws), however the CLEAN_CACHE_DATABASE stored procedure only clears 10 Million rows at a time - so I have to re-run the sp in order to properly clean the DB. How do I get around this limitation, so it wi...

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