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Automatic redirection of http calls
answered 03-06-2021 17:55:36 -0400

Hi, I am trying tu publish via Denodo web services some views that retrieve source data from an external site. To do that I have to get company's firewall open for those calls. Calls to retrieve dta from external site look like: https://<server-nam...

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Denodo not connecting
answered 03-06-2021 14:40:07 -0400

I exported the vdb to a local path , and later ran that using VQL shell , after that i tried to stop the execution and it hanged , now when i am trynig to connect denodo it just showing Connecting ........ Please help as it stays on same login page and...

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Can Denodo 7 ODBC connect to Denodo 8 Server
answered 03-06-2021 07:34:30 -0400

Hi Team, Can Denodo 7 ODBC connect to Denodo 8 Server? Or it is a must to connect Denodo 8 with Denodo 8 ODBC? I mean both windows and linux. How about JDBC, for both windows and linux. Thanks.

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Denodo 7 ODBC Denodo 8 ODBC

Can someone help me how to implement the below logic that uses sub query?
answered 03-06-2021 05:20:15 -0400

SELECT DISTINCT pd.PROJECT_ID, vuc.ID, vuc.NAME, vuc.PARENT_ID, ( SELECT DISTINCT CASE WHEN vuc.NODE_LEVEL=2 THEN 'null' WHEN vuc.NODE_LEVEL=3 THEN vuc.NAME WHEN vuc.NODE_LEVEL=4 THEN (select mo.name from unit_code mo where mo.id= vuc.PARENT_ID) END FR...

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Base view Milli Seconds Issue
answered 02-06-2021 16:49:17 -0400

I have created base view with the data type as 'ENDDATE' :'java.sql.Timestamp' (OPT) (sourcetyperadix='10', sourcetypename='TIMESTAMP(6)', sourcetypeid='93', sourcetypedecimals='6', sourcetypesize='11') SORTABLE. In my source date having milli seconds ...

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Denodo time issue
answered 02-06-2021 14:54:56 -0400

Hi ALL, i am facing one issue , in one of the postgres table , i have data in datetime , when i am creating Base view and accesing data , the date is showing as '1970-01-01 12:11:11.000' but the date present in soure is '2020-01-01 10:11:00' Any help...

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Installation of Denedo platform on Local laptop
answered 02-06-2021 04:58:11 -0400

HI Denedo SME, I need help in installing Denedo platform on on premise / Local computer . (windows 64 bit ) machine. 1) I have laptop with windows64 bit , and 8 GB ram . 2) What are the Denedo tools / platform are required to installed on local com...

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Denodo Installation

Incorrect script generated by DESC for i18
answered 02-06-2021 03:04:59 -0400

-- doubledecimalseparator should be '.' instead of '' DESC VQL MAP i18n us_pst Generated with Denodo Platform 8.0. DROP MAP i18n IF EXISTS us_pst CASCADE; CREATE MAP i18n us_pst ( 'country' = 'US' 'datepattern' = 'MMM d, yyyy h:mm:ss a' 'datesubtype...

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How to read field value from an array using VQL without flattening it.
answered 01-06-2021 20:24:58 -0400

Hi, I want to write a VQL to get any field value from an array without flattening it. How i can do it? I know how to get a field value from register. example for register: SELECT (REGISTER_NAME).FIELD_NAME from VIEW_NAME If there is a way get field ...

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VQL to show all cached sources and when it was last refreshed?
answered 01-06-2021 17:37:03 -0400

Is there a way to get a result set that has the view, number of rows and the last cache refresh date? I want to make this a data set availbe easily to end-users to see when the cache was last updated. I have scoured the user documentation but do not ...

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