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MEDIAN gives an error
answered 01-06-2021 15:28:15 -0400

While calculating median. I am receiving the following error. [GROUPBY] [ERROR] java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Received exception with message 'java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException' The logs are as follows: *ERROR 2021-05-31T09:38...

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Denodo 8.0 Error data aggregation

Error calculating the capacity
answered 01-06-2021 13:27:39 -0400

Good morning, Using Denodo express to test out several possibilities for generating base views for an IBM i we are looking at generating the VQL for parts of the base view and replacing those particular portions in the Denodo generating base view. Thi...

Answers: 4

VQL Base view

Connect timeout server returned: null
answered 01-06-2021 07:40:10 -0400

Hi Community, I try to create the data source from Google cloud through OAuth Credentials. At the final step, While obtaining the OAuth 2.0 Credential, I get the connection time out error. Default value is 120000 msec. I attempted with 200000 and 3...

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#Source Data google cloud storage Web Service OAuth 2.0 Refresh Token

answered 01-06-2021 05:28:36 -0400

I have tested a call with a cursor url parameter in Postman without any issues. But, when I add the cursor url in Denodo, I receive an error. URL: https://api.mypurecloud.com/api/v2/analytics/conversations/details/jobs/##################/results?curso...

Answers: 5

JSON Data Source API HTTP client

AWS EC2 / Azure VM charges for Denedo in cloud platform
answered 01-06-2021 05:18:58 -0400

Hi Denedo team, 1) As Denedo platform (solution manager , vdp client ) required on cloud env (AWS or Azure) , what are the instance / virtual charges 2) Does Denedo support team provides any help to installed Denedo Platform/software on Amazon EC2 ...

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Custom wrapper results
answered 01-06-2021 05:16:20 -0400

Hi Team, I have developed a custom wrapper created data source and base view on that custom wrapper. When I execute the query previous query results are also appending to next query results. Cache mode is also off. What can be the issue here.

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custom wrapper

Does Denodo supports Data presentation through charts and reports
answered 01-06-2021 04:30:56 -0400

Hi, Am doing POC on Denodo express. Just worried if Denodo supports a graphical presentation though graphs or charts, filtering etc on Data Catalogs? I am comparing the features with Kibana (from ELK stack) where it does virtualization as well as prese...

Answers: 3

presentation VDPs' Reports chart

case insensitive for querying view purpose
answered 01-06-2021 03:49:41 -0400

Hi Team, Can Denodo support this function, to make the view name case insensitive, eg. I have one exact view like : DERIVED_VIEW_A, and when query the view, I may write the query like: select from "derived_view_a", or select from "Derived_View_a", an...

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view name query case insensitive

about compatibility
answered 31-05-2021 08:17:43 -0400

if Solution Manager 8.0 is incompatible with Denodo Platform servers of earlier major versions (7.0, 6.0…). what if we are using 7 version servers??

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Denodo Cache load - Can I use CTAS in Azure Synapse?
answered 31-05-2021 07:15:30 -0400

We have been having issues with Denodo creating cache tables due to volume and intensive queries. Is it possible to use Azure Synapse's CTAS functionality? Also, Denodo creates a table with Round Robin distribution, would it be possible to change it to...

Answers: 1

Azure Synapse cache denodo dynamically CTAS