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denodo chunk vs fetch
answered 28-04-2020 07:50:23 -0400

we will be having a java spring app using jdbc to call denodo to call a teradata source. Im struglling with what the client java code has to do. how complex will it be? help me understand how this works. my app defintely wants to chunk things. (north...

Answers: 2

FETCH chunksize

Free trail RDP is not accessible
answered 28-04-2020 05:14:30 -0400

Hi I am not able access 14 days Free trail RDP box (Azure). Refer the attached screen dump. [Window Title] Remote Desktop Connection [Content] Remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons: 1) Remote access to the serv...

Answers: 1

accessible RDP azure free-trial

Denodo estimates1
answered 27-04-2020 16:00:45 -0400

Hi I am looking for details on how to estimate for any Denodo wrok .Pls let me know if any one has some details around it

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Denodo estimates
answered 27-04-2020 15:58:03 -0400

Hi I am looking for details on how to estimate for any Denodo wrok .Pls let me know if any one has some details around it

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VDP and Google Identity Services
answered 27-04-2020 15:33:44 -0400

Hi, We are evaluating the Denodo Platform to use it as our main data delivery platform in Belgium. Therefor, I wanted to know if it is possible to use Google Identity Services as our identity provider over Active Directory. Thanks Jurgen PwC Belgium

Answers: 1

Kerberos Security SSO

Create Remote Table wizard issue
answered 27-04-2020 13:49:39 -0400

I can not see Create Remote Table wizard on administration tool.

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ODBC Connection to EXCEL 16
answered 27-04-2020 09:05:51 -0400

I am having problem in which passwords are being required when refreshing existing data. If incorect information is provided the source will no longer work? I also notice the connection in 16 is different from 13? Please advise on the correct way to br...

Answers: 3


How can we output of one query as input to create a view?
answered 24-04-2020 14:10:01 -0400

in order to create base views automatically i need to use inputs from the presviously executed query'

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About Access to view vql of derived views
answered 24-04-2020 13:35:51 -0400

Some one of my team wants to exexcute one derived views that I created, and he also wants to have the read access of that derived views's vql. I grant "metedata", "execute" access of this derived view to him, I think it is the read access we mentione...

Answers: 1

access to view vql derived views

query bands to teradata.
answered 24-04-2020 06:01:38 -0400

my team is impementing denodo with one of our customer facing apps calling denodo. denodo then will reach out to Teradata. so the jdbc from my app will be calling the denodo views/objects ( which are inherintly mapped to my teradata views/objects). ...

Answers: 7

teradata query bands