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about resources

if both version 7 and 8 run in a same computer simultaneously,what is the exact resource need?? like ram 16gm ,harddisk 30gb ,cpu and all? this information not given anywhere, even in resources manager also

Not able to escape special character in post body

Hello, I am trying to pass this expression: { ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull("\"'"customerId\"'" : "\"", @CID, "\", " ,"\"'"customerId\"'" :null, "), ^ExecuteIfIsNotNull("\"'"employeeId\"'" : "\"", @EID, "\", " ,"\"'"employeeId\"'" :null, "), ^ExecuteIfIsNotNul...

Issue in accessing fields from REST API as data source

Hi Team, We are using REST API as data source and created base view out of it. Base view has JSON array as output. But I wanted to query individual field from the JSON array. I'm getting " Error in select view conditions: Field not found in view". Cou...

SAML configuration with Azure AD as SAAS application

Hi, How to configure Denodo as third party Saas application into enterprise application of Azure Active directory with SAML. could you please provide me step by step process. Where I can find the Identifier (Entity ID)?

i18n to display 8 digits after decimal not working

Hi, I have defined following i18 to get 8 digits after decimal but it is not working. Can someone please help here? CREATE OR REPLACE MAP i18n us_pst_new ( 'country' = 'US' 'datepattern' = 'MMM d, yyyy h:mm:ss a' 'datesubtypepattern' = 'MMM d, yyyy' '...

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Connecting using JDBC , com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver was not found

I am trying to connect to Denodo using the JDBC driver downloaded from the following I have a connection pool (HikariPool), but every time I try to connect it shows the following message (driver not found, ...

No row limits in REST Web Service

Hello: I am using REST Web Service (no RESTful) and I want to avoid the pagination. I mean, It always shows only 25 rows in any view, and I need to have all the rows in the same web page. Is there any option? I have done it with RESTful, but I need i...

Enable SSL/TLS in the Denodo Standard

Hi, Is it possible to enabled SSL/TLS in the Denodo Standard 8.0. ?

about resource

if version 7 and 8 run in same computer,what are the basice requirments of resources like cpu,memory and all??

how resource management done ,if both 7th and 8th version run in same computer

if both 7th and 8th version run in same computer,how it will manage resources like cpu,memory and all??and how about port numbers?