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Denodo8.0 Role Management & Privilege Assignment
answered 23-03-2021 07:28:31 -0400

Hello Team, I have installed Denodo 8.0 Solution Manager and VDB server separately. Now I am bit confused on how to go about the role management and privilege assignment. There is Role Management option in Solution Manger but that don't seems providing...

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Denodo 8.0 Role Management Privilege Assignment

Denodo SSO SAML with Azure AD failed "Error validating SAML message" & "insufficient privileges to connect to the database 'admin'"
answered 23-03-2021 05:50:50 -0400

I tried setting up Azure SAML SSO in denodo express edition, It gives me below errors. I tried assigning different roles (allusers, admin, User, global_admin) to users but nothing is working. Open ID SSO Configuration is working good. Error validating...

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Where is the option to synchronize data catalog in solution manager?
answered 22-03-2021 09:04:43 -0400

Hi Team, I am looking for synchronize the data catalog through solution manager. I am referring the below link. But where exactly I can find this option, can you please help? https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/latest/en//solution_manager/ad...

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Error installing Denodo Express
answered 22-03-2021 08:22:16 -0400

Bonjour, I tried to install Denodo Express 8.0 on my windows 10 system and I got several errors at the last step (19/19): A) File Execution error B) Failed to execute c:\Denodo\Platform8.0\setup\common\deploy_denodo_sso.bat C) ... a lot of errors co...

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Denodo monitor tool getting stopped or in stand by mode after 1 or 2 days of start
answered 22-03-2021 08:00:20 -0400

Hi Team, We have installed and configured the denodo monitor. Once started it gets eiher in stand by mode or stopped in a day or two. Please suggest.

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Denodo Monitor

Denodo Docker Image
answered 22-03-2021 05:34:04 -0400

I am running a windows 10 laptop and have Docker. Cloud integration: 1.0.7 Version: 20.10.2 Built: Mon Dec 28 16:14:16 2020 OS/Arch: windows/amd64 Server: Docker Engine - Community Engine: Version: 20.10.2 Built: Mon Dec 28 16:15:28 2020 OS/Arch: li...

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Connecting Denodo to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) and Oracle Analytics cloud (OAC).
answered 19-03-2021 09:11:46 -0400

Hi Team, I have following question. Can we connect Denodo to Oracle ADW and OAC from denodo. If Yes then can we utilize the OAC security policies as is in Power BI desktop or Power BI service. Thanks & Regards, Nisarg Shah

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INetCache 1,000,000 Javascript Files
answered 19-03-2021 09:04:36 -0400

Hello, We are currently running denodo on one of our machines and only denodo and it appears that the INetCache has over 1,000,000 javascript files in it and is using up almost over 100 GB of storage. Does denodo need these files or are these safe to ...

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Cache Error ITPilot

To schedule gather sats for view with few among field
answered 19-03-2021 08:59:59 -0400

1.Help me for scheduling a job to Gather stats for few fields in view(only 1 view). I have to schedule a job to gather only one view, view_a,with fields x,y, and z To do this i have to list the views in the csv file,create base view and call select vi...

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Error: maximum number of concurrent queries by group reached
answered 19-03-2021 08:38:20 -0400

We are getting 'maximum number of concurrent queries by group reached' error in VDP admin tool first time and can't find the reason/solution from community. We are getting this error when we try to even open the existing view and all queries are gettin...

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Denodo 7.0 Error