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Accessing Denodo view from kafka
answered 04-05-2021 18:07:22 -0400

Hi, I want to consume data from Denodo into my kafka topic, can I do this without exposing any Denodo view to REST API, Is there any other way than exposing APi? like some connectors would allow if possible?

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denodo without api expose view

Restful Webservice - page not found
answered 04-05-2021 16:23:21 -0400

Hi When I browse to the default restful webservice ( http://[server]:9090/denodo-restfulws/[database]/views/[viewname] I get a page error: The page you requested was not found. The page may no longer exist, or you may have typed the URL incorrectly. ...

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Azure Cognitive search Vs Denodo Search
answered 04-05-2021 12:32:13 -0400

Hi Team, We have a current functionality where we have our data stored in the Azure blob storage. We have the Rest API functionality that utilizes Azure cognitive search to look for the data in the Azure blob storage. Is there any functionality in the ...

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Azure Search denodo search

SSL in Denodo Express
answered 04-05-2021 09:23:59 -0400

I am trying to implement SSL in denodo Express 7.0. So, my first question, is this limited by the license? In other words, can SSL be implemented in Denodo Express? I went through the whole set of instructions and my servers start just fine, there are ...

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How to connect the Denodo Server to the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
answered 04-05-2021 07:04:11 -0400

How to connect the Denodo Server to the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

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How to connect the Denodo Server to the Microsoft SQL Server

Passing result of view to Interpolation Variables
answered 03-05-2021 17:50:19 -0400

Hi, I have requirement where i have base view which consist of Interpolation Variable. Value to this variable is dynamic. I have to pass text value to this variable and this value changes every month. I have this data stored in seperate view. Can you ...

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After enabling HTTPS can't connecto to virtual data port server nor webtools
answered 03-05-2021 13:29:11 -0400

Hello, I was doing the exercise of the DEN80EDU13DS05 module to enable the HTTPS in tomcat.properties and server.xml and did everything as was shown. But after I start the servers VDP server can be started, but it does not connect to server. It says i...

Answers: 4

HTTPS WEB design Studio Web Service

Web server not getting installed
answered 03-05-2021 08:34:21 -0400

I executed the below in the command line as in the tutorial. But not able to connect to web server. <tutorial_directory>/jetty and run: java -jar start.jar when i test it, it does not connect. http://localhost:8080/billing/services Any help o...

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Web server

why no i18n for china? mysql8 datetime issuse.
answered 03-05-2021 05:36:08 -0400

why no i18n for china? recently we met a issue, if data source is mysql8, when get result from denodo , datatime type column result will be different from mysql8 table.

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Timeout setting for Denodo Admin tool
answered 30-04-2021 17:19:45 -0400

Hello Can i set some timeout value for denodo admin tool installed on my machine? Thanks

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Denodo Admin tool