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insert operation through postman for multiple unique primary keys
answered 25-05-2021 08:02:07 -0400

Hi Team, issue 1: I have tried inserting record through postman for multiple unique primary key index but not able to achieve can you provide solution for that tried below way: col1:3170167-set as primary key at base view level col2:2107403-set as prim...

Answers: 3

Certificate expired
answered 25-05-2021 05:22:27 -0400

Hi there Can you please provide guidance, our certifcate has expired and I would like to apply the latest. Can you please advise the steps I need to follow. This is for a Window server running Denodo 7. Kaashief

Answers: 3

Data Source Setup Certification

passing query param for REST service from another view column dynamically
answered 24-05-2021 14:36:23 -0400

Hi, I need to call one REST service by passing dynamic query parameter, this dynamic query parameter would come from database table coulmn. I have tried doing this with interpolation variable but it asking me the value of that on the next step but i n...

Answers: 5

Summary rewriting does not work when querying through an interface view
answered 24-05-2021 08:45:22 -0400

Hi, I'm making tests on Summary Rewrite Optimization using Denodo Express 8.0 for Windows 64 bits. I have a base view on an Oracle table (bv_dwhxn_facd). I have an interface view on this base view (iv_bv_dwhxn_facd). To keep it simple the interface ...

Answers: 3

summary query re-write

Embedded Derby Metadata Database
answered 24-05-2021 07:36:55 -0400

Is there a way to connect on the embedded derby metadata database using VDP so we can access the tables inside it?

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idle connections AVAYA source
answered 24-05-2021 07:33:50 -0400

We are on version 7 of Denodo and using informix as a source. AVAYA has license restrictions of max of 7 connections at any given time. We see idle connections in our environments. Is there a way to release or rest that after certain time. Because at t...

Answers: 1

idle connection; avaya Connection Pool Configuration avaya

Get data from Tableau to Denoda. Is it possible?
answered 24-05-2021 06:43:56 -0400

I need to import tableau crm data to denodo. Is that any way to import tableau data to denodo vritualiation tool.

Answers: 1

ODBC Tableau Connection

Alter Derived View to add new attribute without losing Data
answered 21-05-2021 21:57:51 -0400

Hi All - We have a requirement to add new attribute to existing dervied view which is having lot of Data cached. Any pointer to add attribute without losing million of rows? Thanks Jeet

Answers: 1

Support for custom pagination scheme
answered 21-05-2021 21:56:16 -0400

We have a third party REST API that we plan to connect from Denodo. The API supports pagination in the following way: The request header specifies start and end index. Request Header: Range: items=1-200 The response header specifies the current posit...

Answers: 3


Java Spring boot 2.3.4 application with denodo 6.0 vdp jdbc driver - Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (unable to initialize connection pool.)
answered 21-05-2021 21:12:55 -0400

Hi, I'm trying to establish connectivity from spring boot 2.3.4 application with denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver (6.0 20170515). I'm using DPCP2 to create jdbc datasource. driver-class-name=com.denodo.vdp.jdbc.Driver url=jdbc:vdb://localhost:9999/admin?poolEnab...

Answers: 3