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What to use instead of ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE
answered 25-09-2019 12:00:57 -0400

I am aware that ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE is not supported by denodo currently. Do you have a suggestion as to what I can use instead to retrieve the row count of the result set?

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row number Resu type_scroll_insensitive

Unable to use Power BI Denodo connector for views with column restrictions
answered 25-09-2019 08:58:07 -0400

We are utilizing 7.0, update 20181011. Power BI users that do not have access to all columns of a view are unable to utilize the Denodo connector. They see an error due to the fact that not all of the columns can be projected and they can not get to th...

Answers: 3

Power BI

Create variable or custom date in denodo
answered 25-09-2019 08:08:21 -0400

Hi, In scheduler output file name, i'm looking to get yesterday's date. Currently we can use only 4 variables which are jobid, jobstarttime, projectname, jobname. So how can i get previous date as output file name. Or how to create a custom exporter fo...

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How to create map with query a view? where is my map
answered 24-09-2019 08:27:55 -0400

Hi team, I create a map with below and it can be used. CREATE MAP SIMPLE dates_test ( 20190701 = 2020091 20190702 = 2020092 20190703 = 2020093 ) Question is: I looked for all my database, I cannot found this map? where is located in? Also, since I have...

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Top-down update
answered 24-09-2019 08:19:56 -0400

I have understood that the bottom-up update (narrow black arrows in the picture) takes place in real time, but it is not so clear if the top-down update (fat red arrows in the picture) is possible, and, if this is the case, how? i.e. if an external a...

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scai finance

ERROR: Syntax Error: Exception Parsing query near 'show'
answered 24-09-2019 08:13:43 -0400

Hi, I am trying to get my odbc 64 bit connection working on my pc. my 32 bit works fine. For this 64 bit I am using PostgreSQL Unicode(x64). I have the same settings as my odbc32. Except the postgresql versions are different. 32odbc i run ANSI 9.03...

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See all columns/fields with a certain datatype in Denodo 7
answered 24-09-2019 05:58:55 -0400

How can I see all fields that are using a certain datatype across all or per virtual database in Denodo 7? In particular we would like to make an inventory of fields that are using deprecated date type.

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Truncating values and creating another record
answered 24-09-2019 02:34:56 -0400

I am having a strange issue with Denodo, while I execute a table directly and fetch a description column which has values of Lenght 450, it fetches and shows the data correctly. When I join this table with another table and fetch the same description ...

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datasource fields text

OneDrive Connetion
answered 24-09-2019 00:08:46 -0400

Hi Team, We i use OneDrive as a source connection ? If yes means , please send me the link or document to build a oneDrive connection. Thank you, Lavanya

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Pass user credential from Tableau to Denodo
answered 23-09-2019 12:38:12 -0400

Hi, We have user based row level security setup in Denodo and hence we need to pass username from Tableau to Denodo. We can setup an odbc connection but then how does one pass username using an odbc connection. Thanks

Answers: 2