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Collate functionality with Like operator
answered 20-05-2021 07:21:40 -0400

As denodo does not have collate functionality, i have written a custom function that delegates collate to snowflake server and I am trying to use like operator in denodo vdp client with collate as shown below, SELECT * FROM <myview> where colla...

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snowflake denodo like operator collate with like

I think that "doubledecimalseparator=2" is an error
answered 20-05-2021 01:50:56 -0400

I think that "doubledecimalseparator=2" is an error, isn't it ? Something like doubledecimalseparator='.' sounds better, no ?

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Regex Pattern Not Working Consistently
answered 19-05-2021 16:45:45 -0400

Hi, I need your help -- i am so confused at the behavior of regexp. As you can see in the 1st image below, the regexp works in that the numbers are getting comma separated. But when i used the same regex patter on the second image, it just fails. Woul...

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create a view that only shows user access and query activity from the logs
answered 19-05-2021 07:59:50 -0400

I am working with a data source that someone set up that is tapping into the vdp logs. is there a way to filter for only records in that data source that show who, what and when a particular data source/view was accessed?

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view document query logs id logs

Trying to create base view with Union All query but getting "The statement did not return a result set."
answered 18-05-2021 19:31:28 -0400

Hi, Trying to create a baseview from the below query and I'm getting the following error message: Error executing sentence: com.denodo.util.exceptions.InternalErrorException: The statement did not return a result set. -- data 1 SELECT L...

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How to connect DeltaLake Tables from Denodo when cluster is down
answered 18-05-2021 17:42:41 -0400

I need help on Denodo connector to DeltaLake of DataBricks. I am using Simba Connector and able to connect Tables in DeltaLake. But when my DataBricks (cluster) goes down my VSQL query fails to access. So, It always need to start the cluster. which is ...

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deltalake databricks

TO_TIME Convert
answered 18-05-2021 12:50:13 -0400

Hi, How i convert in VDP DENODO 7 a decimal to time? Thanks

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Idocs Getting Missed through Listener
answered 18-05-2021 09:37:15 -0400

Hello, We are using listener to consume the idocs. The volume in cache is approximately 60K Idocs. Sometimes, some of the idocs are getting dropped while consuming. Please let us know what is the issue behind this?

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Error retrieving data from csv file using SFTP
answered 18-05-2021 02:37:28 -0400

Hi, I am getting below exception while retrieving data from csv file using SFTP. I got partial results. out of 30 csv files ... got partial results from 5 files. can you please help me on this? Incomplete results Incomplete results Incomplete results ...

Answers: 2

sftp sftp data source

Use of setDelegateProjections in CustomWrapperConfiguration
answered 17-05-2021 21:23:22 -0400

Using setDelegateProjections(true), the instruction said "Custom Wrapper can deal with projected fields." What does it mean? Projected fields (which columns should be displayed in a SQL SELECT statement) can only be specified in a derived view, not in...

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Custom Connector custom wrapper