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Aggregation of derived views delegating search methods to base view
answered 02-04-2021 07:46:17 -0400

Hello, i have following problem. I want to expose a REST Web Service that shows aggregated data coming from one single Base View. The Base View can be seen as the following having some input parameters (BV has search methods): ID Desc...

Answers: 3

VQL Denodo 7.0 Base view REST ARRAY derived view data aggregation

Got the Error IM014
answered 01-04-2021 16:56:42 -0400

I'm using Denodo 32 bit drive for Denodo and yet I get the Error.

Answers: 2
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Error IM014

VQL Functionality Enhancements for UNPIVOTING multiple columns (UNPIVOT in Oracle, CROSS APPLY in SQL Server)
answered 01-04-2021 08:46:28 -0400

Hello Denodo Support Team, I understand that Denodo VQL supports TVFs (Table Value Functions) regarding the unpivoting of multiple columns in a view and joining to other sources. However, the most recent proposed solution for addressing the powerful UN...

Answers: 3

VQL unpivot cross apply

Denodo not working after java package update
answered 01-04-2021 08:46:08 -0400

Our Denodo is working properly with "openjdk version "1.8.0_252"" but when updated to "openjdk version "1.8.0282"" we are not encountering below error during the start up of its service. We are using Denodo6 on linux Error: 238780 [RMI TCP Connection...

Answers: 1

Java 1.8

Steps for Custom Wrapper Migration from Denodo 7 to Denodo 8
answered 01-04-2021 08:23:20 -0400

Hi Team, Can you provide us the ways and steps on how can we migrate the custom wrappers from denodo 7 to denodo 8

Answers: 1

Denodo 8.0 Wrapper Migration

Data Movement and AdHoc queries
answered 01-04-2021 06:51:16 -0400

Among other things the semantic layer are designed to support AdHoc queries. When having a mix of datasources the Data movement is the key enabler to get the queries to executed effectively. I do not see that happened. What I see is that Data Movement...

Answers: 1

Count the number of commas is a string
answered 31-03-2021 09:45:04 -0400

Is there a way to count the occurences of a comma in a string? I need to filter out any rows there there are NOT exactly 3 commas in that field.

Answers: 2

Regex count

Function to synchronize the VDP server metadata with Data Catalog
answered 31-03-2021 08:57:03 -0400

Hi Team, Do we have the feature in some high version Denodo (such as Version 7.0) , which can have auto metadata synchronize the VDP server metadata with Data Catalog? Then we will have no need to do manual sync VDP metadata to Data catalog, and we wil...

Answers: 5

Data Catalog synchronize with VDP feature

Design studio not working 8.0 - web container restart required
answered 31-03-2021 08:56:38 -0400

Hi Team, Design studio stops working with error. Web container restart required. com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.common.connection.ProxyVDBConnectionUtil [] - Error instantiating a VDBPoolableConnection instancejava.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException...

Answers: 1

design studio

Override - Denodo Platform installs under a single folder (DENODO_HOME) and writes data in the same folder hierarchy
answered 31-03-2021 08:34:41 -0400

The Denodo Platform installs under a single folder (DENODO_HOME) and writes data in the same folder hierarchy so to avoid issues with permissions Is there a means to override this behavor? Modifying DENODO_HOME is causing issues for semi-managed...

Answers: 1
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Data Same Hierarchy hierarchy Install Denodo Install Single Folder Write Data Same Hierarchy Single Folder