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We are excited to announce the availability of a new version of the Denodo Express 7.0 with new features and fixed issues starting in September 2019.

If you want to try it or if you want to migrate your current Denodo Express version you can download the brand new Denodo Express 7.0 at the Express home page in the Denodo Community.

In addition, if you want to enjoy the Denodo experience you can run one of our Test Drives.

Authentication Issue Related to Ingesting Primavera (P6) SOAP WSDL url as a Web Service in Denodo
answered 07-05-2019 03:36:55 -0400

Goal: Add Primavera (P6) SOAP WSDL url as a web service in Denodo and query the data. Was able to connect to the wsdl served by primavera using the url as the data source for the web service. It might not be relevant but corporate proxy configurations...

Answers: 1

webservices @primavera @wsdl

Date function issue
answered 06-05-2019 11:04:16 -0400

I want to convert below logic to date format formatdate('dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss', date_time) i tried thisto_date('dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss',formatdate('dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss', date_time)) and cast('date',formatdate('dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss', date_time)) I am ge...

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Unable to connect to Denodo Express running on AWS Linux instance through VDP Admin tool on my personal machine.
answered 03-05-2019 20:23:11 -0400

I installed Denodo 7.0 express on AWS Linux instance and later started the VQL Server service successfully. Later I installed Denodo express on my personal machine and then launched the VDP Admin tool. I mentioned the default username and password and ...

Answers: 3
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Access Denodo Express

JARS Management
answered 03-05-2019 18:55:29 -0400

Hi Team, Is there any way to find which data source using the JARS drivers Thanks

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column in base view with view name
answered 03-05-2019 18:36:50 -0400

Is have quit a view base tables on files. These base table i put together with a join. I want to see where from which tables te row is coming from. Is it possible to add a field in the base table with the name of the view? Or is it possible add a colum...

Answers: 1

Compare result of two views
answered 03-05-2019 15:42:35 -0400

Is there an option to compare the output results of two views and generate the difference in denodo tool other than the minus function ?

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Connecting to Azure Data Lake Store Gen2 errors
answered 03-05-2019 15:40:36 -0400

I have followed the instructions herein: https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/document/denodoconnects/6.0/Denodo%20Distributed%20File%20System%20Custom%20Wrapper%20-%20User%20Manual When configuring this parameter in the base view configuration dial...

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Add Multiple DenodoODBC connections
answered 03-05-2019 08:35:20 -0400

Hello. Is there a way that I can have multiple DenodoODBC connections configured on the same computer? I tried, but once i click on Add from the ODBC Data Source Administrator (32-bit) it takes me to the DenodoODBC that I already configured. Thanks; Du...

Answers: 1
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Origin of a data source in metadata
answered 02-05-2019 18:34:59 -0400

Hi, In Denodo 6, after the data source is configured. Is there a way to know the origin of a data source in the metadata? i.e. if it's oracle Best regards

Answers: 3

Functions using in query is not invalid
answered 01-05-2019 16:59:32 -0400

Hi, I am using substr,MOD functions in order to sort my query and run it but it is showing as invalid function and i am unable torun th viewcan you share me alternnative way or how to resolve this issue.

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