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Is it possible to build a API Graph on Denodo?
answered 23-07-2020 08:28:46 -0400

In technical terms, we need to build an API Graph application with 2 actions: Get token via user/password Once we have token, consume API. Do you know how to develop this requirement?

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#API #Rest_API

Denovo VM on CentOS - How to Call Application?
answered 23-07-2020 08:07:02 -0400

Just installed last Denovo (22/07/2020) virtual box package and did all the configuration specs even the "hosts" configuration on Windows system32 folder. Don't know how to launch denodo application within centOS black page.

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answered 23-07-2020 06:51:38 -0400

I am trying to create base view using 'create from query', select * from table1 where id=@id1 @id1 = 34This works super it creates base view and also BV executes... select from table1 where name=@name1 @name1='veeresh' This creates base view. But whe...

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Specifying a timezone on a 'timestamp without timezone' value
answered 23-07-2020 05:55:32 -0400

I'm curious of the best way to convert a 'timestamp' (without timezone) to a timestamptz (with timezone) value in Denodo when your original timestamp value is in a timezone other than UTC? I am currently using 'CAST([TimestampColumnHere] AS TIMESTAMPTZ...

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Virtualization of my data warehouse snowflake
answered 23-07-2020 05:35:17 -0400

Hi, I created a unified view of my datasource of snowflake. When i make an update in my table on snowflake, i saw that the change is made also on my view on denodo. And i don't want the update appear in the view on denodo. Is it possible ? Thank you

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snowflake DENODO

access column values in register
answered 23-07-2020 00:25:01 -0400

How to access register nested columns(eg. id) through vql eg. view openstacktoken column:- token : register { id: string, name : string } I want to do Select id from openstacktoken. Presently, when I am querying openstacktoken, I am getting token as ...

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Creating A Base View On Snowflake Stored Proc/ Multiple Statements
answered 22-07-2020 18:04:16 -0400

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if there was a way to create a base view on snowflake stored procs. What I am trying to do is: Run the stored proc Capture the result of the proc The Snowflake statments are like these: -----CALLING ...

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snowflake Base view Create Base View Stored Procedure

I'm sorry
answered 22-07-2020 12:46:46 -0400

I'm sorry I have not had time to save my trial account, can I ask to resend the azure trial account

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free-trial azure

Unable to connect denodo using ODBC from power BI
answered 22-07-2020 02:23:59 -0400

Hi I use denodo platform 7.0 in windows. When i connect denodo data view from Power BI i get below error. --datasource.error: odbc: error [hy000] error while executing the query Even when i tried to connect from microsoft excel using the option "fro...

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Issues connecting Amazon S3 bucket with Denodo VDP
answered 21-07-2020 18:06:42 -0400

Hi team, I'm trying to connect Denodo and retrieve CSV files from a S3 Bucket. I have followed all the steps provided in this article: https://community.denodo.com/kb/view/document/How%20to%20integrate%20Amazon%20S3%20with%20Denodo%20Distributed%20Fil...

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