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How to track a user who post to a web service
answered 15-05-2020 07:41:48 -0400

Hi Team, After publishing a view to a web service, if a user post some data to the view, is that possible to track? Like username (Who posts to the view and session id) by adding extra columns to the view? This is our new requirement from our clinet s...

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Rest Webservices

Active connections staying opened
answered 15-05-2020 01:05:04 -0400

I have been observing in my monitoring logs that VDPActiveConn are high and constantly growing. You would expect a connection to be opened, used and closed. Yet in my logs they are staying oepned. I checked via JConsole the connections and 140 were ope...

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JSON source representation
answered 14-05-2020 15:02:18 -0400

Hi, I would liket to import currency rates (https://api.exchangeratesapi.io/latest?base=USD) into Denodo in the form of one table with 2 columns, -Currency -Rate In fact Denodo generates a column for each currency. Thank you for helping, José

Answers: 6

json source

On which level should i place my associations
answered 13-05-2020 17:46:42 -0400

Hello, On which layer would you advice to place the associations? Lets say i have 4 levels: connectivity layer (only connections + base views) Integration layer (simple combinations of base views) Business Entities layer Presentation layer...

Answers: 3
Related to: Associations in Denodo

associations Association

cannot login to vtp
answered 13-05-2020 04:56:55 -0400

error message 27326191 [Server status checker] ERROR 2020-05-13T06:54:16.418 com.denodo.platformlauncher.programmanager.HTTPServerConnector [] - Http error 40427326199 [Server status checker] ERROR 2020-05-13T06:54:16.426 com.denodo.platformlauncher.pr...

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Update large number of Base Views Column Descriptions from another base view
answered 13-05-2020 03:43:25 -0400

Version 7.0, I have 7 systems and other 100 tables that are in Base Views. I want to update column descriptions from a Data Dictionary that is in another base view and I also have the Dictionary in a Excel file. Please tell me the steps, or point me to...

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data dictionary Base View descrptions descriptions

Creating a Multidimentional Datasource | SQL Server analysis Services
answered 13-05-2020 02:16:57 -0400

Hello, We have created a Multidimentional Datasource of SQL Server analysis Services. I have followed the Denodo article - https://community.denodo.com/kb/view/document/SSAS%20as%20data%20source?category=Data+Sources (have also followed all the Previ...

Answers: 5

Multidimensional Data Source Denodo_SQL_Server DataSource

sspi continuation error the logon attempt Denodo 8009030c
answered 13-05-2020 01:48:57 -0400

Hello, A user is trying to connect to power BI using ODBC driver and while trying to connect she is getting the error as "ODBC: Error [08001] sspi continuation error the logon attempt failed Denodo 8009030c". There is no issue with the network trying ...

Answers: 3

#powerBI connection #Denodo-PowerBI EXCEL ODBC Driver DENODO

How to flatten JSON Source on web returning different number of registers based on parameters
answered 12-05-2020 16:05:41 -0400

Apologies if my query has been answered elsewhere, but I haven't been able to find a relevant article / direction so far. I have an API source that is drawn into VDP as a JSON format. The API accepts dates as input parameters. Based on the dates enter...

Answers: 2

flatten registers Json date parameters

Connecting to Test Drive env from outside
answered 12-05-2020 15:01:56 -0400

I am playing with Test Drive (Denodo trial cloud env). Can I connect my BI tool to this environment? Are the necessary ports opened?

Answers: 1

test-drive free-trial