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How to implement LDAP Authentication to my web services like REST and SOAP
answered 25-07-2019 08:39:35 -0400

I have few data services for which I need to implement LDAP authentication, in the advanced settings of those web servicees I dont see HTTP Basic with LDAP authentication Option. Apart from that I have created a data source for the LDAP Server but not ...

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Combining rows
answered 25-07-2019 07:54:45 -0400

We have pulled in data from JIRA using the api as a datasource. After flattening out all of the data, I am seeing duplicate rows with the same ID field, but one column has different values. I'm attempting to combine those values so I only see one entry...

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Is there a way to zoom in and out when working in VDP client?
answered 25-07-2019 07:02:10 -0400

We are utilizing 7.0.20181011. When working within VDP, is there any way to zoom in/out to improve readability?

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Filtering by max date
answered 25-07-2019 06:20:21 -0400

I am trying to filter a transformation by only pulling in the rows that have the latest effective date. I've tried using the max function, but have been unable to get the results I'm looking for. Running on version 6.0.

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Query on joining and updating.
answered 25-07-2019 05:24:23 -0400

I have a view, I need to update columnA with Column B if that columnA as null value , do we have denodo query for it.?

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Dependencies tree not auto populating in the "Revision Elements"
answered 25-07-2019 04:39:04 -0400

Hello, I am creating a revision using the view which has dependencies in different databases. Basically the view which I am trying to promote or Deploy from one enviromnent to another is derieved from a view in different database in denodo. While I se...

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solution manager Dependencies Tree revisions Promotion Deployment using Solution Manager Best Practice deployment

Download Denodo Training 7.0 QuickStart Virtual Machine fails
answered 24-07-2019 08:30:55 -0400

Hello, I tried downloading Download Denodo Training 7.0 QuickStart Virtual Machine several times but without success. The zip file is 1.5 GB in size but can not completely finish the download of Denodo Training 7.0 QuickStart Virtual Machine.zip file....

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Denodo Training 7.0 QuickStart Virtual Machine

Missing VQL properties while validating revision
answered 24-07-2019 00:58:31 -0400

I am getting the below error while validating the revision in Denodo 7 Missing Vql properties: 'config.PROPERTY.com.denodo.security.file.privilege.generalaccess', 'config.PROPERTY.com.denodo.vdb.cache.cacheMaintainerPeriodInSecs', 'config.PROPERTY.com...

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DENODO revisions deployment

removing scheduler data sources outside of GUI
answered 23-07-2019 08:32:17 -0400

Is there a way to remove data source from the scheduler web page from the back end? We are getting an error in our dev environment trying to access data sources and we see a Datasource type not supported message in the logs. I was hoping to clear out a...

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New Webpage with excel as source
answered 23-07-2019 08:10:35 -0400

Hello, I have a very simple requirement to create a webpage with just fields "Employee ID", "From Date" and "To Date" and a search button. The return result on the webpage would have 3 fields..Employee ID, Dates, Present (Y/N). This is to let an emplo...

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