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Caching issue while sending data to MYSQL workbench.
answered 16-10-2020 07:03:15 -0400

Hello, I have a problem with caching the data I got an error : Finished with error: Error loading cache: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Loading local data is disabled; this must be enabled on both the client and server sid...

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Use Denodo Web Service as a Data Source in Denodo
answered 16-10-2020 06:30:28 -0400

Hi, Is it possible to creat a Data source on a Denodo REST web service ? We have a requirement where we want the Denodo Web service to be utilized as a Data Source .

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Time zone differences and daylight savings
answered 16-10-2020 05:30:41 -0400

I need to account for Daylight Saving Time with the data I am processing. One of the rows has a date time of '01-Nov-2009 01:59:00'. When I set the Locale value to us_cst: English (United States) via the Denodo Administration/Admin Tools Preferences op...

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Denodo 7.0 Date time stamp

Query optimization
answered 16-10-2020 05:23:32 -0400

Hi Denodo community, We have a big tree-view and multiple branch of the tree use same source/query. As is, Denodo reexecute the same query many times during the same execution.I understand that caching might be a solution but I understand too that cach...

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Flattening a Mongo Array
answered 15-10-2020 08:09:58 -0400

I have a Mongo connection that returns data similar to the following: _id : VARCHAR, ticket: { status : VARCHAR, recipient : VARCHAR, request_type : VARCHAR }, stages: { supplier: { status : VARCHAR, eta : VARCHAR }, recipient: { status : VARCHAR, eta...

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Denodo Scheduler Jobs
answered 15-10-2020 07:52:47 -0400

I have a scheduled job that runs 15 minutes after the hour, 24 hours a day. When a long running, heavy resource job is running at the same time, the scheduled job that runs 15 minutes after the hour does not complete before the next hourly execution of...

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Denodo Scheduler 7.0

Connecting MS SQL Server through Denodo Testing tool throws error.
answered 15-10-2020 07:07:41 -0400

I'm trying to establish a connection to SQL Server using the below properties through config file. mssql.driverClassName=com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver mssql.jdbcUrl=jdbc:sqlserver://sqlsrv- devtest.database.windows.net:1433;databaseName...

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SQL Server SQL

Where to download google analytics .vql scripts?
answered 15-10-2020 06:35:58 -0400

Hi there, Can you please advise where I can locate the the 2 scripts: google_analytics_administration_templates_denodo.vql google_analytics_report_templates_denodo.vql as reffered to in the user manual: https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/d...

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QUERY [VIRTUAL] [ERROR] when i group by some columns in the baseview.
answered 14-10-2020 06:31:32 -0400

I am getting QUERY [VIRTUAL] [ERROR] when i group by some columns in the baseview. Please let me know why do i face the issue only when adding some specific columns. At times this error occurs even for all the column.

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#VirtualError #Groupby #projectionError

Snowflake connection - change warehouse based on e.g. a particular role
answered 13-10-2020 09:04:54 -0400

Hi, With Snowflake as our backend, we keep track of the compute consumption per departement. Users are assigned a "department role" and each departement role uses a dedicated warehouse. How can I do something similar in Denodo? I want to give users acc...

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