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MONGO DB DELETE API ERROR 'No row matches this primary key.'
answered 06-07-2020 04:09:20 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, I have established connection with mongoDB server. I am able to perform GET,POST,PUT requests. But for DELETE I am getting error 'No row matches this primary key.' I am passing 'AUTOGENERATED PK' as shown below, https://test/server/cha...

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How does the folder structure looks like when a virtual database is under version control ?
answered 06-07-2020 03:56:03 -0400

I want to know if I integrate my virtual database with VCS (GIT) , how does the folder structure will look like in GIT ? How many folders, VQL files etc. are created ?

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Output of one view having different search methods as input of another view
answered 03-07-2020 09:05:26 -0400

Hello, I have created 2 views in different data source (i.e. one in Netezza and one in Oracle). Let's say we gave a name like net_view and or_view respectively. Both the views has different search method (some may be common) like net_view has methods...

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Parameterize query

How to understand a license file
answered 03-07-2020 08:34:59 -0400

Earlier i used evaluation license file, and it was pretty simple and short and I could understand its contents. I used it with a single node installation of Denodo platform server without any Solution Manager(SM) installation. It worked fine. Recently ...

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License File

How to open Platform Control Center for Solution Manager on Linux
answered 03-07-2020 06:51:53 -0400

With a full blown version of license file, I have installed Solution Manager(SM) on a linux machine. Its installer has installed all the modules of SM and confirmed in the installation log. I read in SM documentation that to start Platform Control Cent...

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solution manager

Installation of Denodo Platform and Solution Manager on the same EC2 machine
answered 03-07-2020 04:59:29 -0400

Will it technically work if I install both the Denodo Platform and a Solution Manager on the same EC2 instance but in different directories or will there be any conflicts ?

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Denodo Installation

how can i implement a looping construct in Denodo platform
answered 03-07-2020 04:25:04 -0400

I have not seen anywhere in the documentation if Denodo supports constructs like "loops - for loop, while loop etc.". If it does not, what is your suggestion if we need to have a logic in our derived views where we intend to loop over some data element ?

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Denodo scheduler calendar
answered 03-07-2020 03:22:01 -0400

Can we import or add the personal calender to the denodo scheduler . If yes , then please let us know. As in our company we follow our fiscal calender which is different from the normal calender. Please guide us.

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How to identify whether a module is installed or not
answered 03-07-2020 03:15:22 -0400

I installed Denodo plaform along with ITPilot and Scheduler modules on a linux machine. When I open Platform Control Center(PCC) I do not see ITPilot and Scheduler modules on its left pane. I suspect these modules are runninig in the background but som...

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Denodo Installation

Some of the modules are missing on Denodo Platform Control Center UI
answered 03-07-2020 03:14:00 -0400

I cannot see all the installed modules of Denodo on the left pane of Platform Control Center(PCC) UI. I am pretty sure that during installation i selected all the modules (ITPilot, Scheduler) but I only see Virtual DataPort. I am using the evaluation l...

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platform control center