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Login issue to VDP servers
answered 17-04-2020 16:08:47 -0400

Hi Team, While logging to VDP servers, one of team member has getting the belw error. java.security.invalidAlgorithmParameterException the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty. please have a look and let us know what is the issue.

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Denodo- Learning
answered 17-04-2020 15:19:51 -0400

Hi Team, I am from india. I am having 7 years experience into SQL, Alteryx but no programming skill. One my suggested this tool for learning, so my question is what are pre requisite to learn denodo. does it required any programming skill. do you have...

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Anybody has connected Denodo to SAP analytics cloud(SAC) for data visualization ??
answered 17-04-2020 13:33:41 -0400

Hello Team, Anybody has connected Denodo to SAP analytics cloud (SAC) for data visualization ?? Regards, Vijay

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How to update the derived view DESCRIPTION. We have a excel file which has field name and description . How to update the description field
answered 17-04-2020 01:09:54 -0400

How to update the derived view DESCRIPTION. We have a excel file which has field name and description . How to update the description field

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VDP Server not available due to license restrictions
answered 16-04-2020 17:25:28 -0400

This is my first time installing and trying to use Denodo. In VDP, it shows Virtual DataPort Server as 'not available due to license restrictions.'. What does it mean?

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Unable to install Denodo Client version 7
answered 16-04-2020 17:18:02 -0400

Getting the XCOPY error while installing Denodo Client. Kindly assist. FileExecution Error: 'xcopy' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Denodo Version :7 Please let me know incase you need any det...

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xcopy Unable to install Denodo Client

answered 16-04-2020 15:57:18 -0400

After the installation complete, I clicked on VDP button on the left and click button start and launch for both Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool and VDP Administration Tool. It then poped up Login and password. I entered admin/admin for both but it giv...

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WHEREEXPRESSION using a Subquery as a value
answered 16-04-2020 09:24:10 -0400

We are working with an JSON REST API using a WHEREEXPRESSION in the Post Body and have run into an issue when using a Subquery. Here's an example of our issue. We are able to successfully return data from the Denodo view using the WHEREEXPRESSION: se...

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ElasticSeach 7.6.2
answered 16-04-2020 04:23:18 -0400

Hi, Is there Denodo v7 JDBC driver for ElasticSearch 7.6 ? I see only es v6.7 and v6.4 Thank you, José

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answered 15-04-2020 13:19:11 -0400

Hello, Thank you for explain that, that's very usefull. Is it possible to use SqlAlchemy instead of those connectors ? If yes can you have a document wich explain that ? Yesterday i tried to do that but it's not work. Thx.

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