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Denodo 7.0 DevOps - Automated or Unattended Code Deployments
answered 23-08-2019 06:43:09 -0400

Has anyone had success integrated a VCS like GIT and performning DevOps like deployment practices? Ideally, i would be able to initiation a build and release using git and deploy without any user interaction.

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Denodo 7.0 Automation Promotions Code Deployment

Scheduler DB connection
answered 23-08-2019 02:30:34 -0400

HI, I am trying to get all the jobs history information, so that I can analyze the scheduling times, failures and then reschedule them to minize the failures. Also, to perform other type of analysis. For that, I need to get list of all jobs(with hist...

Answers: 1

Denodo Scheduler 6.0 JDBC

Cannot connect and model data from Sharepoint Online Lists.
answered 22-08-2019 17:50:01 -0400

There is no apparent way to connect Denodo to Sharepoint Online (O365). The article below details how to connect to sharepoint, but I believe it only pertains to Sharepoint on-premise. We currently utilize Denodo 6, but we are looking to move to Denodo...

Answers: 4

sharepoint O365

Java connection to Oracle through Denodo
answered 22-08-2019 04:53:53 -0400

Hi, I need to access the oralce database through denodo server from my java program. I removed ojdbc7.jar but i am using denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver.jar I don't want to create tables in denodo from oracle.In such case I already have connection from denodo to...

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Access to Oralce

.NET Framework for Mysql
answered 22-08-2019 02:52:46 -0400

hello, I have installed everything (Denodo platform) successfully (WIndows 8.1) but I cannot execute mysql because of .NET Framework 4.5.2..... I have downloaded it successfully but the installation is taking ages and keeps ongoing apparently without p...

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Access to Base tables with out table data and develop Denodo Business Layer.
answered 21-08-2019 07:22:00 -0400

Hi Team, The requirement is to do the development/support of the Denodo applications. Like alter the column sequence to the derived view and save it and test the derived views. Is there any posibility to have access to the develoment environment and N...

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can we do the development/support activites? without seeing the base or derived views data

Connection Pool Configuration
answered 20-08-2019 07:23:56 -0400

What are the default settings for the Connection Pool Configuration?

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Connection Pool Configuration

Derived view Indexes.
answered 20-08-2019 06:49:12 -0400

Can we create indexes on derived view which are created using the "Minus" option

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Denodo Install Requirements and Bootstrapping Section PART 2
answered 20-08-2019 06:37:43 -0400

Dear Denodo Team, thanks a lot for your kind answer to my question of August 10 at 16h21 CET. I have actually a MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 indeed but I am using a VM called Parallels Desktop 14 Pro edition 14.1.3 and Windows 8.1 with it. IS it fine? I a...

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Failure to continue the community tutorials
answered 20-08-2019 06:04:25 -0400

I have started doing step by step the community tutorials, but after trying to make a connection again the next day to continue this message pops up: "Test Connection Unable to establish connection: Communications link failure The last packet sent s...

Answers: 1

Test Connection