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Want to keep formatting intact in "Field expression" window.
answered 12-04-2021 08:33:16 -0400

Is there any way to keep formatting intact in "Field expression" window while creating "New Field". I am writting my expression with proper formatting but once close and re-open I can see entire text joined in single line.

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Cache column name change
answered 12-04-2021 08:11:25 -0400

Hello Team, As we have a view for cache column "GET_CACHE_COLUMNS " here we can get the view and cache column mapping. My question is the cache columns are like field_1,field_2... Is there any setting or something were we can populate the view column ...

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cache column

Pass timestamp to interface
answered 09-04-2021 08:20:45 -0400

I have a base view and an interface for the base view. In both the base view and interface one of the columns, ReportingDate, is defined as a timestamp. Using ODATA, I am able to invoke the endpoint and get back results. I can also add a filter conditi...

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Date time stamp

Enabling SSL/TLS in Denodo 8.0
answered 08-04-2021 08:38:22 -0400

Hi Team, I am in middle of Denodo 7.0 to Denodo 8.0 migration. We have to enable SSL/TLS in all modules of Denodo. I am refering to the below link in the pre upgradation tasks. https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/8.0/en//platform/upgrade/pre...

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Error editing resource manager rule: field not found 'roles' in view with schema
answered 08-04-2021 07:44:02 -0400

Hi All, When trying to create a rule in resource manager using roles.value condition getting error like below: Error editing resource manager rule: field not found 'roles' in view with schema Same seems to work in dev environment but not in UAT.

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resource Manager

Split Comma separated string to columns
answered 08-04-2021 06:50:06 -0400

Hello I am trying to split a comma separated string to multiple columns . I am not able to find an easy method to do it using the available functions. Essentially I have a field called carmodel in the datawarehouse.It has multiple model separated by a...

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Connecting Denodo to AWS Athena or AWS DynamoDB
answered 08-04-2021 06:34:55 -0400

Hi, Has anyone be able to connect to AWS Athena or AWS DynamoDB? There is already a question about connecting to Athena, but it is from May 2017. I am open to using third party drivers (CData, Simba etc.) if generic drivers will not work. Thanks!

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DynamoDB Athena

pivot dynamically based on values?
answered 08-04-2021 02:21:52 -0400

Is there a way to dynamically create the headers for the pivot based on the values in the data? for example if I have a field that has a mapping type that can either be "sector" or "region" and then have a value by person. and end up with a cross tab t...

Answers: 7
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pivot crosstab

getElementDatabase() not working for Denodo 8.0/ Java 11
answered 07-04-2021 09:26:45 -0400

I'm creating a custom policy but getting an error when trying to use the Denodo method getElementDatabase(); The other methods DO work from my library imports (getQuery(), getElementName(), getCurrentUserName()) - but NOT getElementDatabase(). I was g...

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Denodo 8.0