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View parameters
answered 15-01-2021 05:18:36 -0500

Hi, I am trying to use where IN viewparameter like below. like FROM table WHERE column in (param) USING PARAMETERS ( param : text '''A'', ''B'''); Above is not working as FROM table WHERE column in ('A','B') Can you please let me know how to use ...

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Paramaterised Query selection view

Roles Assignment
answered 15-01-2021 04:22:23 -0500

Hi, I understand that it is possible to assign multiple roles to a specific user, and the result will be of UNION. However, is there other way to achieve the following outcome? Assuming there are several records in the database and there are 2 fields...

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How to read records with a different number of columns from the same source file?
answered 14-01-2021 22:18:02 -0500

There is one record with 3 fields or columns in a delimited file and there is another record with 4 fields or columns in the same file. How do I read both of these records in the same base view?

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"error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects"
answered 14-01-2021 14:18:48 -0500

Hi I get this error for any operation performed on the database. - "error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects" Denodo Platform 6.0 on a Linux VM OS - CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) Last week, we were able to create a new view s...

Answers: 2

How to debug a custom handler?
answered 13-01-2021 06:21:56 -0500

I am developing a custom handler to be used for some of our scheduled jobs. Is there a step-by-step tutorial for debuging custom handler code? What I have found so far are for custom extentions of VDP functinalities (functions or stored procedure). Fo...

Answers: 3


Unable to test OData Url in Postman
answered 13-01-2021 05:04:43 -0500

Hi Team, I've installed Denodo express 8 in my local system which is Windows10 operating system to practice myself. I've created local database tutorial connecting to my Oracle DB. Tested the connection it was successful. When i place the below Odata u...

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"SELECT top 1 1 as ID FROM <base view> uanble to excute
answered 13-01-2021 02:26:45 -0500

We have connected the SAP Database. when we are unable to excute the below query "SELECT top 1 1 as ID FROM &lt;base view&gt; " for the expected result ID 1 what changes can be done as the expected result thanks in Advance

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Top N SAP DENODO SAP BW/4HANA denodo with tableau

The version of Denodo on which window (analytic) function of SQL can be used
answered 12-01-2021 07:09:17 -0500

&lt;Reference&gt; https://community.denodo.com/answers/question/details?questionId=90670000000k9oHAAQ&amp;title=When+will+Denodo+support+analytic+functions+(i.e.+RANK%2C+NTILE%2C+PARTITION+BY....)%3F &lt;Denodo VDP Version&gt; 6.0 Administration tool:...

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DENODO #Analytic function

Unable to establish connection: IO Error: Unknown host specified
answered 11-01-2021 07:41:29 -0500

Hi Experts, Getting the following error while perfroming the test connection in denodo 8 Unable to establish connection: IO Error: Unknown host specified But the same set of connectivity information is working in denodo 7. Please let me know what k...

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unknown host

Continuous Error at Excel Microsoft Query data retrieval from Denodo (6.0) through ODBC connectivity
answered 08-01-2021 05:42:07 -0500

All the time when retrieving data from Denodo (6.0) to Microsoft Excel using Excel Microsoft Query intermediated by ODBC connectivity, I faces next error, and can't retrieve data to Excel from Denodo. &lt;Error Description when retrieving data from De...

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ODBC Excel Microsoft Query DENODO data types