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WebService Dependencies
answered 15-06-2020 13:59:37 -0400

Is there are way I can get DEPENDENCIES (VIEW_DEPENDENCIES) similar way that we can get for base, integrated and business views?. Looking for a way to get Lineage from "Web service-Business-integrated-Base-Datasource" via command (VQL). Also, any way ...

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WebService view_type

SQL Server date datatypes error in conversion for base views
answered 15-06-2020 04:04:07 -0400

¬°Hello dear Gurus! I'm facing an odd issue for which I found no way to solve it. Source Server DataBase is SQLServer 2016. SQL Server has Collation SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS Conflicting datatypes: datetime2, smalldatetyme Here's dataty...

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Date Conversion datetime Base view Error SQL Server

SQL Server date conversion error in BaseView
answered 15-06-2020 04:02:11 -0400

Hello Support Team We are having a big stopper in a project with an odd issue for which we can't find a way to solve it. Technical data is and Consultant has already raised the same question: Source Server DataBase is SQLServer 2016. SQL Server...

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Date Conversion Base view VDP 7.0 SQL Server

How to add ' ' in the string
answered 11-06-2020 08:41:14 -0400

Hello Colleagues, I have data coming from source as BE01, DE01 etc. for company code field. I want to create a new column in Deonodo based on this and data for new column should be like 'BE01', 'DE01' etc. How to achieve this? Regards, Vijay

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How to use Tidal scheduler
answered 11-06-2020 06:47:05 -0400

Hello Team, We have an enterprise scheduler tool as Tidal. Can you help us step by step how to schedule a denodo cache refresh via tidal scheduler . We got some article online , but it doesn't give any step by step methods to create the job starting ...

Answers: 3

CSV Filename Column
answered 11-06-2020 06:44:58 -0400

I am curious if there is any way to include the filename or part of a filename for CSV files in the base view; something simlar to how the Excel wrapper can provide the sheetname as a column in the base view for an Excel data source. My use case scen...

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Json data source using Outh2 Authentication
answered 11-06-2020 06:09:12 -0400

Is there a documentation where it helps us to connect to json data source using oauth2 authentication?

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JSON Data Source oauth2 oauth

How to configure my git with ssh in VCS Denodo
answered 11-06-2020 05:48:28 -0400

Hello, I try to configure git VCS in Denodo but my issue is i cannot use ssh connection to connect to my git repository. Please can you help me please ?

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Desc role with a rolename having special character(hyphen)
answered 11-06-2020 03:23:00 -0400

Hello, When I am trying to run the describe role statement (Desc role role-name) I get an error as, Syntax error: Exception parsing query near '-' I tried executing the statement (Desc role 'role-name') but got the error as, Syntax error: Exception p...

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Access and Role Roles DESC

admin login
answered 10-06-2020 14:51:23 -0400

Unable to login with admin user to Denodo VDP Administration Tool using RDP. Error- authentication error. The username or password is incorrect. just tried to login with default settings which is working for others but not for me.

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