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export through cmd /Export Script
answered 10-03-2020 10:23:13 -0400

As we can export from vdp Tool gui buy how to export through cmd as Export Script you mention on this link Export Script when i try to hit the example script export --server "//localhost:9999" --login admin --password admin --singleuser --repository "...

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Error accessing the metadata
answered 10-03-2020 10:22:15 -0400

hi there com.denodo.vdb.catalog.user.User [] - Error loading user 'xxxxx' : Error accessing the metadata while loading/storing objects I have tried to add a user and getting this error. I have started denodo as administrator. Any ideas

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Error Computing capabilities
answered 10-03-2020 01:52:01 -0400

Hi, I am facing error while creating a aggregate field of my group by view. My error is "Error Computing capabilities : Error computing capabilities of group by view" com.denodo.vdb.admin.model.vdbserverproxy.VDBServerProxyException: error computi...

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Error Computing capabilities

Cache Refresh Issue
answered 10-03-2020 00:44:36 -0400

Cache DB: Oracle Denodo Version: 7.0 Caching Mode: Full cache Current Setup: There are two prod servers under a load balancer. There is one cache DB that is configured for both the server. Hello, we have a unique situation with the cache DB and sched...

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Denodo cache storing at external DB
answered 09-03-2020 12:04:09 -0400

Please I want to ask if I can store denodo cache at external database ( as mysql or other) ?

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external Database Cache

Issue in renaming a view
answered 09-03-2020 02:29:40 -0400

HI Team, Using Denodo 7.0 version. I'm facing an issue in renaming a view. Lets say, i've two derived views dv_1_orders and dv_2_sales. And dv_3_join is the join view of dv_1_orders and dv_2_sales. Then I have renamed dv_1_orders to dv_4_orders and...

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Cannot Create BaseView Form SQL Server Partition Table
answered 08-03-2020 22:21:50 -0400

I will create 6 baseview from sql datasource, i'm not sure the table have partition table or not. But on denodo only 1 table created and another table error (conflict table name). Illustration, i will create base view - https://imgur.com/HdsObLD + ...

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on conflict partition Create Base View Baseview Denodo_SQL_Server SQL

SAP BW Composite Provider - Denodo 6 support
answered 06-03-2020 08:10:05 -0500

Hello, Does Denodo 6 connect to SAP BW Composite provider type Infoprovider? I am able to connect to SAP BW (On HANA database) using the multi-dimensional DB adpater and in the create base view, I am able to view the composite proovider. However, when ...

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Query Regarding UNION ALL
answered 05-03-2020 20:55:42 -0500

Hi Team, I have created a multiple node in denodo connecting to Jethro Database. All these nodes are working fine and gives the proper result. Now when I am doing UNION of all these nodes, then denodo is not giving result. It says "java.sql.SQLExcept...

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Union All UNION

Fields Truncation
answered 05-03-2020 07:41:57 -0500

We have a delimited data source of weblogs, when we try to cache the data results in below error. Finished with error: Error loading cache: There was an error during a batch insertion: String or binary data would be truncated.. total time: 14 seconds ...

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Cache error