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Heap Space error while importing .jar
answered 09-06-2020 02:29:36 -0400

Hi, While trying to import the jars to install the denodo customwrapper, I obtain the error "Java Heap Space". How can I solve this? Regards

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extension Java Heap Space custom wrapper

Getting Can't connect to X11 window server using ':0.0' as the value of the DISPLAY variable error
answered 09-06-2020 02:04:35 -0400

getting above error while executing command denodo_platform.sh

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Data grunt work?
answered 08-06-2020 08:59:38 -0400

We have a lot of data sources with different schemas. Even databases with the same schemas are used differently. How can Denodo help us? At the end of the day, someone still has to do the grunt work to integrate all these various data sources, be it in...

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Create base view from exist stored procedure at teradata source
answered 08-06-2020 08:43:40 -0400

Hi, please I have stored procedure exist at teradata source and I need to create baseview using this stored procudre , so I tried to make base view by using create from sql query and type call pocedureName() but error appears " [Teradata Database] [Ter...

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Base View descrptions Stored Procedure Teradata

Mismatch in arithmetic operation result
answered 08-06-2020 07:41:29 -0400

Hi all, I am facing an issue for which i can't come up with an explanation. Hopefully I can find some help here in the community. I am pulling up data from SQL server, using multiple tables to create a new field in denodo. I am doing the same in SQL ...

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What is the purpose of interface views?
answered 08-06-2020 07:12:49 -0400

When I review the documentation on interface views it is very procedural and does very little to explain the purpose of interface views. What I can assume from the documentation is that an interface view is meant to be used when denodo is a data source...

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Big table cache loading
answered 08-06-2020 03:08:44 -0400

We have a huge sql which load the data from different tables into one derived table . The rows in the tables are around 60 millions. We run the cache on this table and it took around 3 hours to get the cache. Can you please suggest if there any bulk lo...

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Scaling VDP Font Size
answered 05-06-2020 13:10:34 -0400

How can I increase the default VDP display font size?

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How to start VDP on Centos
answered 05-06-2020 10:48:56 -0400

I have installed denodo express on centos 7 that is hosted on aws cluster. How to start the denodo services on the cluster. Which scripts to be run? What are the URLs to be hit?

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How can we deploy scheduler - scheduling jobs from one environment to another without using the solution manager?
answered 05-06-2020 08:01:48 -0400

We have independent environments having one solution manager for each environment - We don't use scheduler manager for our deployments. Is there a way I and deploy one specific job from one environment to another - without creating individually? Appre...

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Denodo 7.0 Job scheduler Denodo Scheduler 7.0