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Error saving base view: null

Creating a new base view from a custom data source is always fine. Without changing anything on the data source, after "Edit", "Source Refresh", and then "Validates and Saves the base view", "Error saving base view: null" is raised. What might be wrong?

Will Denodo supports multiple authentication method simultaneously at server level?

Hi Team, We need to enable Kerberos at the server level. But when we refer the manuals, we got to know that SPN to be set up as an HTTP service. But as per our organization policy it is not allowed to create a functional SPN as an HTTP service. IS the...

contains search in view

Hi Team, I want to filter the data using contains on particular text column (case insensitive) any method available and also using ODATA also any option available Thanks Satish K

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String/Text type length limitation

Hi, How are you? When invoking a Denodo Rest API call, if one of the parameters is a string/text data type, what is the maximum length allowed for the value? Thanks Amol

Have Denodo Monitor run constantly in V8

We are testing with Denodo 8 and I am working on enabling the denodo monitor on each of the app servers. In running the shell script, it looks like the shell has to constantly run in V8, unlike V6. I wanted to see if there was a way to have the monitor...

Struggling with using a field with JSON data and tying it back to the original view using an ID field

I have a view that has a field called "primaryqa". it contains data that has answers to questions in JSON format that I want to parse and then joing back to the original view using an field called "id". [{"QuestionID":1,"Answer":"Yes"},{"QuestionID":2...

Assign restrictions without execute rights

Hello, I have multiple interface views in my report layer with customer sales and sales figures. I used the 'Assign Restrictions' function in a shared base view, so for example German users could only see sales data from Germany. Which also worked very...

ER Tool integration

We use SAP Power Designer for our logical data modelling. It is possible to populate the VDP definitions from external metadata e.g. definitions of data sources, joing views etc?

Unable to download DENODO EXPRESS 8.0

Hi, I am trying to download DENODO EXPRESS 8 64-bit for Windows and somehow download is breaking in between though there is no fluctuate in my internet connectivity. Another problem is that a download won't resume in download manager. I think when co...

multiple parallel branches of Selection plans

Hi Team, I am facing slow performance issue for 1 our interface. we are querying the interface with three columns in where clause where we passing values given below : select * from i_my_interface where col1 = '001' and col2 in (2,2,3,4,5,4,6,7,8,8,3...