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Certificate of Training
answered 26-05-2020 09:17:13 -0400

Hi, I completed on-demand Denodo DV Architect training today (03/04/2018). Under Achievement tab it is showing completed but I do not see any option of printing certificate or share on linkedIn. Please advise how can I get certificate of successful com...

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answered 26-05-2020 06:36:36 -0400

Hi! I am having an issue with this query: SELECT TOP 5 * FROM TABLE It shows the message: Error: Exception parsing query near 5 Thanks

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DESC DATASOURCE JDBC (all jdbc datasources) for base view
answered 26-05-2020 06:35:30 -0400

Hi, I need to create base view from query and my query it´s DESC DATASOURCE JDBC (all jdbc datasources). How do I do this? I create base view with this information in text mode: DESC DATASOURCE JDBC vdb1.ds_source1 DESC DATASOURCE JDBC vdb2.ds_sourc...

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Error while connecting denodo node via vdp or dbeaver
answered 26-05-2020 04:37:26 -0400

Hi, We couldn't connect to Denodo server and were coninously gettign below error. 37971887 [ODBC(138)-] ERROR 2020-05-22T00:05:03.193 com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.server.odbc.ODBCBackend [] - Error: connection error: Could not initialize class sun.tex...

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When use import.sh to run vql, where is the vql output file?
answered 24-05-2020 23:24:14 -0400

We have linux machine with denodo client installed, we use import.sh to run some vql file like below: $DENODO_HOME/bin/import.sh -f ${vqlFile} -h "${databaseURI}?${uid}@${passwords}&queryTimeout=9" > ${tempFile} 2>&1 The vqlFile we run ha...

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output command line import.sh

Can a user edit the rest web service deployed? If yes, can I get the details of user who edited the web service as additional columns in the same view?
answered 22-05-2020 03:57:40 -0400

Hi Team, I got a usecase today from my client. We need to create a materialized table in denodo with some 6 columns in it and the data is cached. After that we need to deploy this table as a web service. A user who is accessing the data from web servic...

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Cache - Error modifying view: View names not available
answered 22-05-2020 03:33:28 -0400

Hi, I'm using donedo express. I configured my donedo server with following settings: cache status ON maintenance OFF Defaut time to Live 2160 Specify an existing data source CHECK. I specified one of my existing donedo data source setup. When I try...

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External cache
answered 22-05-2020 03:13:22 -0400

Hi, When trying enabling external database cache by deslecting the "Specify existing data source as cache" I'm getting following error: "Operation completed with errors: Error saving cache settings: Error creating data source: destination folder '/fi...

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Connect Denodo to OneDrive/Sharepoint Excel files
answered 21-05-2020 08:20:51 -0400

Dear Gurus! I've tried to follow all the KB manuals, yet the instructions are not very clear as I'm not familiar at all with API terminology or protocols. Also Microsoft changed their way to register an application client https://docs.microsoft.com/en...

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OneDrive Excel Sharepoint

VQL to Redeploy ALL Deployed REST Web Services
answered 21-05-2020 06:15:54 -0400

Is there a VQL command that can redeploy all deployed REST web services? Applying Update 20200310 caused all deployed REST web services to be inaccessible (HTML 404), which we already anticipated as noted in the Update notes. I just want a better alter...

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