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DNS entry like catalog.se.demo.net
answered 24-02-2020 04:52:06 -0500

Hi Team, catalog is listening to port 9090 which is not that user-friendly. Is it possible to create a DNS entry like catalog.se.demo.net where you can access the data catalog Please let me know how to do that.

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data catalog

Is it possible to create a southbound connection as well from Denodo to Sap Business Objects Universe?
answered 21-02-2020 11:33:52 -0500

Is it possible to add SAP BO Universe as a datasource in Denodo, so southbound connectivity from Denodo to SAP BO Universe?

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Reading unformatted values from a XLS file
answered 21-02-2020 07:47:36 -0500

Hi, connecting to a XLS file, I am able to read all the content I wish. But the fact is that DENODO seems to read the formatted values from the cells (visible reading the XLS through Excel), not the actual values stored in it. Example : if a cell conta...

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Startup scripts and password prompts?
answered 21-02-2020 07:34:17 -0500

When I manually execute vdpserver script, line: su -c "$DENODO_HOME/bin/vqlserver_startup.sh" $VDP_USER || return 0 ask me for the $VDP_USER's password. How will this work when the script is automatically run from /etc/init.d? (i.e. will the passwor...

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answered 21-02-2020 07:33:43 -0500

I use spark execution engine on hive , when I create queries on hive it creates spark job at return succsesfully , but at denodo when i connect hive by jdbc (jar files) or spark sql , it never success ERROR : Received exception with message 'org.apache...

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hive-denodo hive-spark

Commands to start/stop Scheduler Index Server
answered 21-02-2020 06:38:27 -0500

What is the command to start Scheduler Index Server? I'd like to create a startup script to do this but I don't know what are its startup/shutdown commands.

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Case statement using columns from two different tables in a business
answered 21-02-2020 03:59:17 -0500

Denodo Virtual DataPort Version 7.0 Hi. I've written a case statement in a computed field in a business view which includes references to columns from two different tables. The case statement is returning results for one table or the other but not bot...

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Denodo 7.0 Virtual Dataport - Trying to set read-privileges for roles
answered 20-02-2020 08:20:41 -0500

In Denodo 7.0 Virtual Dataport, I want to control what certain roles can read - in this case, I would like a role to be only able to view derived views and not be able to view base views through a JDBC connection (specifically DBVisualizer). I have i...

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Possibility to assign privileges on folder-level
answered 20-02-2020 08:18:24 -0500

Hi, Just a feedback/request that would do access management much more easier; It would be great to have the ability to assign privileges on a folder-level rather than just on view-level. Is this something you have on the road-map for future versions ...

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RDP issue with certificate on Mac os High Sierra
answered 20-02-2020 07:32:36 -0500

Dear team, I tried to connect to my free trial through rdp on my mac (High Sierra). I get an error message that indicates that the certificate or certificate chain is invalid. Do you have any ideas? Can't post the complete message because it is dis...

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