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Configuring soutbound sources 'credentials/connection string' dynamically via api
answered 14-08-2020 08:12:27 -0400

we have denodo at my company and it will have many southbound connections to RDS databases. OUr Security team is very tight on handing out secrets and manaully setting the host/id/pwd creds to the rds databases to a denodo virtual database admin human....

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credentials southbound api

Export with dependency changing underlying values of ping_data_source function
answered 14-08-2020 03:34:34 -0400

I have a union on the connection status of several data sources. If I export just that union with the dependencies it changes values in the underlying vql in the export. If I export the entire database that bug does not occur. Here's the value it shou...

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Question regarding how user can enter value to see the specific result
answered 14-08-2020 03:27:03 -0400

Steps to have variable or parameter for Denodo view which could be used to enter the input value by the user when the view gets executed

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Import data from API
answered 12-08-2020 22:47:34 -0400

How can I import data from API ... For e.g., Workday ? Also what are the details required for the API to ingest data from any API related data source in general ?

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Manage change from Data Source
answered 12-08-2020 15:08:09 -0400

How does Denodo intimate Denodo Admin or users that there has been change in the underlying data source i.e., could be column name change or addition/drop of new column to the underslying table of Base View Is there any process to detect these changes...

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Denodo Custom functions
answered 12-08-2020 14:44:10 -0400

HI , Does the Custom functions are available or can be build in Denodo 6.0. Thanks!

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Add custom fields for metadata in Data Catalog
answered 12-08-2020 13:35:13 -0400

Can we create additional custom business metadata fields to be tagged to each data element within Denodo ?

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Error with selection from base view
answered 12-08-2020 11:49:20 -0400

Hi all. I'm trying to create a derived view from a base view through a selection query. After doing several tests, I realized that the error is shown only when I remove or add the ESCAPE constraint in the output schema in the base view, so I'd like to ...

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Virtual Error JDBC Route Error

Issue in select clause while executing joined tables from teradata and SAP Hana
answered 12-08-2020 08:31:54 -0400

Hi, I have joined tables from teradata and SAP Hana, i was able to execute the view and get data if i add a where clause in the query. but when i run select * from table query it is running for a long time and throws error as 'error in join'. also not...

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#powerBI connection #Denodo-PowerBI performance

Change the delimiter in Denodo VDP-Queries logs
answered 12-08-2020 07:29:58 -0400

Hello, We are working on reporting the Queries used by the users. We have edited the Logj4.xml file to get the queries logged into VDP-Queries.log file. But the rows are being delimited by tabs. Can you please help us in what we need to change in the ...

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delimiter VDP-Queries query logs