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Automated purging of monitor logs written to by Solution Manager
answered 06-08-2019 08:12:06 -0400

Is it possible to configure the automated purging of monitor logs written to by Solution Manager? We want to permanently monitor Production VDP servers for auditing purposes, but only want to keep for instance the last 30 days of log files. Is there a ...

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Denodo Monitor

denodo and R - Dates
answered 06-08-2019 07:56:40 -0400

Hi, For some reason on my computer and not my co-workers computer my R studio cannot read in dates from Denodo, It errors out and/or only brings in NA values. If you need screen shots please let me know.

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Error while creating an Environment - VCS with git
answered 06-08-2019 07:54:26 -0400

Hi there We're trying to link a denodo database with git repository. However, While creating an environment we're getting below errors: "Error creating environment: error creating environment: You can only push your own commits in this repository" C...

Answers: 3

Unable to fetch data from rest API
answered 06-08-2019 04:08:40 -0400

I want to connect to a rest services to fetch customer data. I created the database, and tried JSON and custom connections to create the datasource. I provided the session token details and data URL. I was able to get the table structure but not the da...

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Denodo Evaluation License Software
answered 05-08-2019 11:33:55 -0400

Hi Team, I raised the query perivously but answer is not addressed my issue. My query If use Denodo 7.0 Evaluation License for POC. Once the POC is completed, can use the same software without re install, i configure the license to solution manager so ...

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answered 05-08-2019 11:28:14 -0400

Hi Team, We like to do some POC for our custormer using Denodo 7.0. Please let me know how to get the denodo evalution licence. Hope the licence is based on the file instead of solution manager Thnks BaluS

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Denodo and QlikSense Connectivity
answered 05-08-2019 08:53:49 -0400

Hi Team, We want to connect Denodo virtualization layer through QlikSense for reporting purpose. Please let me know steps to connect Thanks Balu S

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Cannot start VDP or Run As Administrator in Trial
answered 05-08-2019 08:51:06 -0400

I'm running a trial of Denodo but cannot get the VDP to start. According to the Denodo Platform Control Center, the VDP Server is "Stopped". Clicking "Start" puts in in a "Starting" mode, but it eventually goes back to "Stopped". I have seen this ques...

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VPD free-trial VDP JDBC

Denodo to snowflake Timestamp error
answered 05-08-2019 08:45:10 -0400

I am trying to send data from denodo to snowflake but it gives me error for data type timestamp like "Group0#JDBCExporter0: Array bind for values with mixed types not supported. Previous type: JAVA_TIMESTAMP, new type: JAVA_TIMESTAMP"

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License for Active- Active Cluster
answered 05-08-2019 07:38:18 -0400

Hi Team, I like to understand how the licencing will work for Active- Active cluster and how to configure the same

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cluster architecture