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Does Denodo follow a 3-tier architecture i.e., Web-App-DB ?
answered 28-07-2020 09:40:48 -0400

Does Denodo follow a 3-tier architecture i.e., Web-App-DB ? How can we convince a Denodo user that it complies with all the security layers of 3-tier architecture within an organization ?

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Unable to connect to the database: Connection reset
answered 28-07-2020 08:09:15 -0400

Hi, Have updated new database, while doing test connectivity its showing JDBC connection tested successfully, but the same time while trying to create base view we are facing Unable to connect to the database: Connection reset. could you please let u...

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Access not working for user who need access to one data view in a folder
answered 28-07-2020 04:43:45 -0400

After adding privileges to uncertified layer to a specific data view, the consumer access list all the items (data views, Stored procs and other components. I only want the user to access to 1 data view in a folder. For some reason no matter what I cha...

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denodo security

LDAP Authenticated user security access
answered 27-07-2020 17:46:32 -0400

Experiencing issue with assigning folder level security to users? Example User A should only see contents data sourses in a specific folder.

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denodo security

How to convert Japan timestamp to US EAST timestamp
answered 27-07-2020 14:16:23 -0400

Hi team, we have a oracle data source, we create base view on this source, there is a table from this oracle source, and the value for its one timestamp column(called post_timestamp) is Japan timestamp, and I want convert it to US east timestamp , how ...

Answers: 5

local timestamp convert

How can I verify if Denodo is really using Association for my query
answered 27-07-2020 08:29:13 -0400

Hi team - just want to check if Denodo's execution trace (or anything else) will show me an association if it gets used while executing a query (on the views on which this association is defined) ? How can I ensure that association is getting used for ...

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why my rdp can't connect ? maybe my rdp trial delete by Denodo ?
answered 27-07-2020 05:06:28 -0400

why my rdp can't connect ? maybe my rdp trial delete by Denodo ?

Answers: 3

test-drive free-trial

How to get the all views mandatory Filtes?
answered 27-07-2020 02:30:57 -0400

Hi Denodo Team, We need to get all the views that we have defined mandatory paramters, we need this metedata for further analysis, can you let us how we get it. Is there some file stored in Server side contained this kind of information? looking forwar...

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Mandatory Filter View

denodo 8.0
answered 24-07-2020 21:17:31 -0400

Hello Is the 8 denode version already released? When was it released or when it was released?

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Specifying a timezone on a 'timestamp without timezone' value
answered 24-07-2020 17:15:07 -0400

I'm curious of the best way to convert a 'timestamp' (without timezone) to a timestamptz (with timezone) value in Denodo when your original timestamp value is in a timezone other than UTC? I am currently using 'CAST([TimestampColumnHere] AS TIMESTAMPTZ...

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