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Installing the CORONAVIRUS DATA PORTAL (VDP Administration Tool)
answered 21-08-2020 06:56:03 -0400

I have setup a Cloud-hosted sandbox for the CORONAVIRUS DATA PORTAL.. However when attempting to Download the VDP Administration Tool, I get the following msg. This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The documen...

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Power BI Direct Query Sample
answered 21-08-2020 03:03:02 -0400

Looking for a Power Bi Direct Query SQL example to enter into the advanced options SQL Statement. More info: Denodo is linked to a view on MSSQL Aveva Historian Runtime.Events table. https://www.aveva.com/en/products/historian/ The MS SQL is the the f...

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Power BI Historian

What does error message "Memory usage restrictions prevent the execution of the query" mean?
answered 20-08-2020 17:18:05 -0400

We get the following error message when attempting to run a certain query (both from the VDP admin tool and an external client): Finished with error: Error executing view: Memory usage restrictions prevent the execution of the query There is no exec...

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How to set Dynamic value in Json Request Header for OAuth 2.0 Client Credential Value
answered 20-08-2020 08:21:05 -0400

Hi Team, I am trying to do JSON PoC with OAuth Authentication for below scanarios. 1) Request to Get Access Token using OAuth2.0 client credential Authentication 2) Pass this acces token dynamically to client application as a bearer token to get sess...

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JSON Data Source

How to concatenate column values in VQL?
answered 20-08-2020 07:35:33 -0400

Hi, I have this in Oracle. select 'A' || ', ' || 'B' || ', ' || 'C' from dual How do you do this in VQL? Thanks.

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Cache for XML
answered 20-08-2020 05:31:14 -0400


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if yes then how can we do it? Can we use incremental cache for XML data source

Incremental cache for XML datasource
answered 20-08-2020 05:25:16 -0400

For Denodo VDP 7.0 version , Can we use incremental cache option with the xml datasource ?If yes , then how can we do it ?

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Script to turn Cache on or off
answered 20-08-2020 02:06:09 -0400

Is there a VQL script to turn on or off the cache so that instead of navigating to Administration>Server Configuration and switching the Cache, I can just run the script in VQL shell to get this done. Thanks and regards.

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DENODO Virtual DataPort

Compound data type error
answered 20-08-2020 01:55:38 -0400

I am trying to create an array data type, I tried the following syntax shared in the below link https://community.denodo.com/docs/html/browse/7.0/vdp/vql/defining_other_elements_of_the_catalog/defining_a_data_type/defining_a_data_type#defining-a-data-...

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ARRAY Compound Types

like vs contains
answered 19-08-2020 07:27:11 -0400

What's the different between like and contains under simple condition when create selection view?

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VQL simple condition