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VDP Client Upgrade on Windows 10 Laptop
answered 14-04-2020 12:58:32 -0400

Recently upgraded VDP server to 7.0.20200310. Denodo Admin Tool ( on my Windows 10 laptop ) is at 7.0.20190903. It now shows a warning message about mismatch between VDP server and Admin tool. What is the best way to upgrade client on my PC to bring ...

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VDP client

Not able to connect to SQL Server using an Active Directory account
answered 14-04-2020 04:35:40 -0400

Hello, I am using Denodo 6.0 In the VDP tool, I am trying to connect to a SQL Server database using a Active Directory account (domain \ account name). However, when I test the connection, the tool is telling me: 'Unable to establish Connection. Login ...

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SQL Server Active Directory

Connect to Oracle database with JDBC
answered 14-04-2020 00:10:19 -0400

I am new to the VDP and having an issue connecting an Oracle database. I have no issues connecting via ODBC in my other environment using the following credentials: TNS Service Name: ABC123.COMPANY.COM with my user ID and password defined (driver is 1...

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Oracle 12c JDBC Data Sources

Installing Denodo
answered 13-04-2020 13:25:34 -0400

Hi, I'm running an Ubuntu Distro for Linux and wondering if I will be able to install Express edition to see and understand the data virtualization features offered. Thanks. <<Please ignore, I already found the answers in Q&A that Ubuntu is...

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Port of MySQL
answered 13-04-2020 08:05:06 -0400

Hello, I have already mysql-server image on doker, using the port 3306. Is it possible to change the port of MySQL installed by denodo ? Or , if i want to use your database acme for tutorial, how can i get the script ? Thnak you.

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default limit set on the derived view
answered 13-04-2020 00:40:13 -0400

Hi , Can we set default row limit on the derived view? if yes how can we increse to max limt?

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web service Description problem
answered 10-04-2020 04:45:52 -0400

Hi, The web service description in virtual dataport is different from data catalog description. Is this normal ? Thank you for your answer, José

Answers: 2

data catalog description

Attribute lineage Excel reporting
answered 10-04-2020 04:44:23 -0400

Is there a way to generate a flat excel reporting about every attribute lineage (including view, descriptions, etc…), The goal is to generate a 2D reporting for a more general architecture topic regarding the IT system and transformation Thank you i...

Answers: 2

lineage excel

I want to see the datediff between dates and trim the date from the timstamp
answered 09-04-2020 15:05:59 -0400

I am trying to find out the number of years between the dates but getting arity error. Need a query for difference between the years and extract only date from the query. Can someone wil help here? Thank you

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Denodo customWrapper Datetime field is not working in environment

Teradata Query Banding
answered 09-04-2020 13:48:35 -0400

Hi , We have requirement to implement query banding for Teradata. We have tried putting directive in driver connection pool properties 'SET QUERYBAND 'PROXYUSER=user;' FOR SESSION' But the queries getting failed with below error “Could not create a ...

Answers: 4

Teradata Query Banding