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Delegate SQL Sentence as Sub Query not passing to source
answered 23-07-2019 01:57:09 -0400

Hi, I created base view from SQL stored ptocedures. Function have 2 mandatory parameter. When where clause for 2 mandatory field and on additinal field. then manadatory field is filtered by source. But additional field is filtered by Denodo. My Quest...

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subquery Execution plans Stored Procedure derived view

Licence file for Denodo 7:0
answered 22-07-2019 09:09:43 -0400

Hi Team, Our customer got a licence for Denodo 7.0. Before setting a solution manager and denodo as whole architecture, we like to do a POC by installing a one denodo server. For this purpose can we can use licence file for licencing and later can we i...

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License File

Integration with okta / other public cloud authorization providers?
answered 22-07-2019 08:40:06 -0400

Hello, How does Denodo (in the cloud) integrate with public cloud authorization providers like okta? e.g. for things like users and group/role synchronization, so that the administration can be done outside of Denodo, especially when it concerns membe...

Answers: 3

denodo insert/update and storage optimization.
answered 22-07-2019 06:38:48 -0400

Hi Team, I have following business case we have table 1 in database 1( Oracle : Database 1 : Table 1), denodo reading this table, interface with name interface-table1 and UI reading this interface view Now user using UI interface( interface-table1) d...

Answers: 1

HP Voltage Connectivity
answered 22-07-2019 05:38:08 -0400

Hi Team, Do we a custom connector to connect the HP Voltage for encrption/decryption from denodo

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I am unable to connect VDP tool, facing authentication error: Database “admin” not found. Please help
answered 22-07-2019 04:04:49 -0400

I am unable to connect VDP tool, facing authentication error: Database “admin” not found. or if I try to connect with any other DB, it says not found. Have I not started the services properly? I just stopped VDP and started again and then facing this i...

Answers: 1

Denodo 7.0 install in AWS Redhat Linux 7.0
answered 22-07-2019 02:00:18 -0400

We are planning a Denodo 7.0 install in AWS Redhat Linux 7.0. Do we a install document for Redhat Linux 7.0 Thanks Balu S

Answers: 1


Listing views with cache enabled
answered 22-07-2019 01:43:59 -0400

How can I get a list of views where cache has been enabled?

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cache view option cached views

Variable prompt in Tableau from denodo
answered 19-07-2019 08:45:23 -0400

Hi All, We created a view in denodo and published it to Tableau. How can we enable the views to give a variable prompt in Tableau for the denodo data sources? Say on Comp Code, Dist Channel etc. Thanks Mohit

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How can we stop all the services at once using a script , i.e <>.sh file.
answered 19-07-2019 06:50:20 -0400

How can we stop all the services at once using a script , i.e &lt;&gt;.sh file. We start the services using ./denodo-platform.sh , and incase due to some issues the VDP Control centre is closed , we see the services running in the Unix server. Is there...

Answers: 1

#Stopservices #Services